To Allow Guns: A Life-Saving Choice … or Not

A Newsmax Article

By John Cylc

March 25, 2021

A local restaurant that I have frequented recently posted a sign on their door. It reads: “Firearms are prohibited on these premises, regardless of a concealed carry permit.” Of course, it had the gratuitous gun silhouette with a red circle-slash through it. It is a sign that has always befuddled me.

Let me start by saying that I know this opinion piece will not convince any major retailer or business to change their corporate policy. This article is solely directed a “mom & pop” stores, businesses or local restaurants. I hope some of you will share the link to this story to their websites or social media pages. I just want the owners to stop and think about what that sign means.

First off, laws do not stop crimes. Laws merely define an illegal action for our judicial code. The punishment assigned to each violation of the law is supposed to be the deterrent to the crime. No one is afraid of the law itself, just the repercussions of getting caught breaking said law.

Next, I absolutely understand that any private business has a choice to prevent legally owned firearms from being carried on their premises. That is all these feelgood signs do. No criminal who is intent on robbing or killing, and therefore not impeded by the potential long-term punishment for doing so, will suddenly change their mind merely because there is a potential misdemeanor thrown in for ignoring the sign taped to the door.

All that piece of paper will do is stop any responsible citizen, who intends no harm, from possibly being able to defend himself, his family, his friends or your patrons. Bear in mind that the vast majority of concealed carriers will probably sit back and let a mere robbery happen. Insurance will cover any loss and concealed carriers know to only interfere if “life or limb” is threatened.

However, if a bloodbath is the intent of the criminal, or the robbery turns bad, and serious injury or death becomes a possible outcome, that carrier might have the opportunity to respond and end it. Yes, there may be a slight risk of innocent bystanders getting hit, but without the “good guy” interfering, the result will prove much more costly that one injury.

The bad guys, especially in a mass casualty situation, usually get to perform their deeds until the first police officers arrive. That leaves your patrons, employees and possibly you, at the killer’s mercy, which is usually nil.

Think about the duration of even good police response time. Now think how many times you could pull a trigger for that length of time. It is truly a scary number.

A good solution for those who think a sign might make a difference is to post an alternative sign. Perhaps one that reads: “Only concealed, licensed firearms permitted” or “Concealed carry permit holders welcome.”

This will provide two main results. One, it will ensure that only concealed firearms are in your establishment, thereby pacifying any customer who might object to merely seeing a gun. Secondly, it will let “bad guys” know that there is a good chance that someone will fight back. This is an excellent deterrent, as most spree shooters end their own lives or surrender as soon as they see a gun pointed at them.

You have an important choice to make. Enable your neighbors and customers, to practice their God-given right of self-protection, or provide an unarmed opportunity. The decision you make could save lives one day … or cost them.

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