Did We Get What We Wanted?

The 2020 election has come and still not gone as we have had more confusion than ever before in an election. Do you want to know why we are so confused in our election process? We have allowed the media of this country, along with the social media giants and politicians, to ruin what has been a well-established process since the beginning of our great country.

There has been a well-established process of absentee voting, early voting, and in-person voting for years that has worked properly. Granted, 2020 has been a different kind of year and the idea of mail-in ballots was put into play because of the circumstances. I understand the thought, but the same people who came up with this idea are the very same ones who put up bail money for rioters in the Corona relief bill, then fussed at the Republican Party because they did not want to go along with the bill.

When we look at the mail-in ballots, some have been on the up and up, but some whose votes were for Trump were trashed in dumpsters or along a highway. We had some states that, on election night, said they were going to stop counting the votes because there were too many mail-in ballots left to count. Those election officials fell down on the job, and we are still waiting for a final count on electoral votes to determine who will be our next president.

The problem is the process this year will be just like the last election. If Trump wins, the Democratic Party will fuss, complain, scream, yell, and lie to come up with what, according to them, makes President Trump a secret agent for another country.

If Biden wins, then the Republican Party will rightfully go to court because of all the election irregularities.

What a mess! That is what happens when we have career politicians who are enjoying living off the public, with medical insurance that is not part of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), and getting paid for life even after they leave Congress or the Senate. This is what happens when we get spoiled brats that are not happy unless they get their way. Wouldn’t it be nice if we as private citizens of the United States got our way? What a thought, but it is not reality.

It is time for the silent majority to stand up to those who are running their mouths the loudest and tell them that we are tired of this. We must insist that we would like to see a government of the people, by the people and for the people, instead of a government run by a party so that they can get their way. In other words, start doing the job that you were elected to do.

Our government needs to work on bridges, roads, railroads, and other infrastructure that everyday Americans use. We also need to take care of the truly helpless, veterans, and the elderly who cannot take care of themselves. Only then we can work on homelessness and other charitable needs.

Why can’t we come together as a nation instead of fighting each other? The “Fake News Media”, while covering the riots, were calling them peaceful demonstrations, even while their cameras were catching people looting, setting fires, and tearing up things that did not belong to them.

The bottom line is that until we come together, no matter what our skin color, religion, political party, or personal beliefs, we will always be a divided nation with hatred within. This will keep us from becoming the truly “United States” of America.

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