The Theft of Our Republic

by John Cylc

November, 05 2020

Déjà vu all over again.

Once again, the party of the left proves its proficiency in the political game. The Democrats have not only positioned themselves in a win-win situation, they also have given themselves, with the help of the media, an opportunity to finally end any risk of their possibly losing elections.

This 2020 election fiasco was organized by them through utilizing the Covid-19 crisis to have a chance at the 20202 election. They used shutdowns to destroy President Trump’s election winning economy. They also used quarantines to push mail-in ballots. These ballots were sent out to everyone registered to vote in many DEM controlled states.

The problem is that these are in states where the voter roles were not purged regularly. Invariably, ballots were sent to dead people, to the wrong addresses and to people who don’t even live in that state anymore. There was zero checking on who was filling out those ballots and sending them back. There is no mechanism to compare the mail-in ballots with who voted in person. Anyone in these states could have easily voted twice.

In the Democrat best-case scenario, claims of voting irregularities and outright voter fraud will be excused by the media and rejected by the courts, and Joseph Biden will become the 46th President of the USA. It could possibly be that the process moves so fast that the court have no recourse because both legal and illegal votes (late votes, duplicate votes, etc.) are mixed together. Either way the left is happy because getting President Trump out of office is their primary goal.

The other possibility is that Democrats will lose this post-election legal battle and Donald Trump would get 4 more years. In that situation, they get to go back to their playbook used against both Republican Presidents this millennium- “illegitimacy”.

In 2000, they challenged vote counts in Florida even though George W. Bush had already claimed victory and Al Gore had conceded. After multiple legal battles and recounts over the course of a month, the Supreme Court rejected any more challenges and George Bush was declared the winner. From that point forward, he was called “illegitimate” by the left. Democrats said he was elected by the Supreme Court, not by the people. In 2005, once again the Republican candidate was incumbent President George Bush. They questioned results in Ohio with John Kerry as their candidate.

Once again, Bush prevailed.  

Once again, he was called “illegitimate” by the media and the left, but I repeat myself.

The Democrat machine has learned from its mistakes:

-Never concede an election.

-Voting results do not necessarily mean a loss.

-Most importantly, never allow a national voter I.D.

These are all impediments to their winning.

The 2020 election has proven that the left has nearly perfected rigging the electoral system. They have so blatantly flooded our system with improper and unethical actions during vote counting, that merely challenging these actions makes the challenger look like some kind of conspiracy theorist, which is what the the left will call you. This is only possible because the media is compliant at best, complicit at worst. They have no investigative curiosity into the process taking place in many states currently.

If Democrats win this time, Republicans will probably never win an election again. Having only control of the Senate currently, Republicans will have no power to fix the fraud that is being allowed across the country. No voter I.D. laws will ever be passed. No voter role purge will ever be forced. No transparency will ever be mandated.

Without those things, Republicans will never be able to gain control of the House of Representatives. They most certainly will never win a national election again.

Republicans had an opportunity to fix the electoral system in 2016 after winning the Presidency, Senate and House, but they had no stomach for the fight, and the left has now taken advantage of that inaction.

Are we, the American people, going to allow the theft of a Presidential election? We have the numbers to stop it. They try to tell us that we are in the minority, but that is not the case. That is merely a method of controlling us. It is a psychological operation.

We must call our representatives. We must protest loudly. We must make our voices heard.

We must support the man who has been fighting tirelessly for us for four years.

They are NOT just stealing an election.

They are stealing our freedom.

They are stealing our birthright.

They are stealing our future.

They are stealing our Republic.

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