What Is Going On In Our Country?

by Glenn Eidson

November 02, 2020

In my 64 years of life, I can never remember a time when a presidential election has been so marred with controversy. Some might want to blame it on 2020, but I don’t think that is the reason for all the problems that have continued throughout this year.

I have seen demonstrations in the past, but those were over racial equality in the 60’s, the Viet Nam war and a few other historic protests. But never have I seen two political parties at each other’s throats like the current Democratic and Republican parties. The Republican Party has been forced to constantly defend itself against all the lies, half-truths, cover-ups, riots, false accusations, and generally made-up stories that have come from the Democratic Party.

The political parties of today are not like the ones that I knew growing up. The parties would disagree somewhat, but in the end, could work out their disagreements for the betterment of the country. Now that is a thing of the past. If you truly listen to the Democratic Party, they want people to be dependent on them so that they can be controlled in all aspects of their life. If you are not politically correct, then you are wrong according to the Democratic Party.

According to modern-day Democrats, everyone should get all the free stuff such as education, rent, housing, healthcare, cell phones, etc., etc. In the process, they do not clearly reveal that for everyone to get all this stuff for free, the working man will be taxed heavily for the government to pay for all of it.  This system does not promote jobs, businesses, or anything else for that matter. All it promotes is people looking for the next handout. When you finally get it, you will find that it may not be as much as you had before. You will take what you are given and be happy with that.

You see, this is how Socialism works around the world. If you own your property, it will become government property. Everyone is given a portion of the pie the government wants them to have. This will allow everyone to have some property. No one works for their own piece of the pie.

Most folks make a plan to work toward achieving goals in life. That may mean scraping by while putting away money to save for a rainy day. It might mean giving up time with family to work extra to obtain extra funds for a goal.

It would be nice if our own government did this and worked toward common goals that would help the people of this country. If this were done the United States would continue to be the envy of the world. It is currently, but that “American Dream,” could potentially fall by the wayside.

The United States has helped most countries around the world, even its own enemies from time to time. Why do you think countries call on the United States when they have hurricanes, earthquakes, or other disaster? It is because they know the United States has a caring and giving heart among its citizenship.

When we look at our country, we must decide who will be the best to run it, who will put what is best for our citizens first, who has what is best for our country at heart.

We must consider these things first, over which party we want to be affiliated with merely because that is the party our family has voted for years.

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