The AR-15 Isn’t the Boogeyman Biased Media Say It Is

Newsmax Article– Sep 12, 2019

“Boogeyman” is a word that conjures images of evil or terror. Most people have an automatic thought of something specific that scares them when they hear that word.

No matter how educated or enlightened, almost all of us have a deep-seated fear of something. It could be because of a childhood incident, an accident, or some other major traumatic event. There is also a way to create a “social bogeyman” by the use of relentless propaganda and fear mongering.

One modern day example of such false hype is the AR-15.

The reality concerning this weapon is that most citizens don’t understand that it is merely a semi-automatic rifle (one bullet is fired for every squeeze of the trigger), just like almost every other modern hunting rifle. The main difference from those basic rifles are that the AR-15 is black, has a higher magazine capacity and has an abundance of accessories that do not make it a more deadly weapon (all firearms are potentially deadly, just like cars, tools, or bare hands). The add-on items merely make the rifle more accurate, ergonomic, or comfortable to use.

The media and talking heads love to use terms like “assault rifle,” “military style,” and “instruments of war” when discussing the weapon to create foreboding. They’ve managed to stir up a collective hatred of an inanimate object in the eyes of the American public.

The AR-15 was the 15th version of the rifle created by Armalite, which is why the “AR” in its name exists. Contrary to the incorrect media assertion mentioned previously, the AR does not stand for “assault rifle,” which would falsely indicate that it was fully automatic (hold the trigger and it fires continuously until all ammo is expended). It is not.

Another contention is that the round (bullet) of the AR-15 is also more deadly or dangerous than other ammunition. The hyperbole could not be more wrong.

The AR-15 bullet is 5.56mm, or a similar civilian version is a .223 (inch) diameter, although they are not interchangeable. The diameter is actually 5.70mm and the entire round is 57.40mm long. Compare that to your standard hunting round, like a 30-06, which is 7.8mm in diameter and has an overall length of 85mm. That’s approximately 30% bigger! Even the most common round in the U.S., 9mm (9.09mm diameter), is over 60% bigger than the dreaded AR-15 bullet!

Regardless of the above-mentioned false facts, the truth is that this “bogeyman” rifle, even combined with all other types of rifles, accounted for only 4% of firearm homicides in 2017.

It comes down to these two questions:

Does a civilian model AR-15 look like a U.S. military fully automatic or three-round burst capable M-16? Yes.

Does it function the same? No.

Aren’t liberals and leftists the ones who usually preach about not judging by appearance?

Whereas pro-gun/pro-Second Amendment supporters use facts, data, and historical perspective, the gun control crowd relies on emotion, and depends upon the public’s ignorance of the facts used by their opponents. Many Americans depend on what used to be an unbiased and factual media to inform them.

The American public has been taught to fear something by unknowingly believing the lies that the anti-gun proponents have craftily told.

As we all remember from childhood, light drives monsters away. Hopefully this published information sheds that light into some people’s minds and removes the AR-15 from its “boogeyman” status.

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