Anti-Gun Enthusiasts Must Understand What a Disarmed America Would Mean

Newsmax Article– Sep 10, 2019

These are all objectives that the anti-gun crowd demanded and eventually received:

— Create gun free zones.

— Ban bump stocks.

— Set magazine limits.

— Institute a National Instant Criminal Background Checks (NICS).

— Implement waiting periods.

— Highly regulate ownership of automatic weapons, suppressors, and any other Class lll devices.

Even with these victories, they continue to call for more firearm laws or restrictions. It seems like their appetites cannot be satisfied.

The Democrats have never defined their primary goal or objective.

They intentionally focus only on each gradual step, not the desired endgame.

Will anything short of civilian disarmament suffice for the leftists?

Anti-gun enthusiasts need to understand what a disarmed America would mean not only to our society, but to the entire free world as well.

Like it or not, American patriots defeated the British using what our mother country considered to be “illegal firearms.” As much as we value other Constitutionally protected Rights, we didn’t win Revolutionary War battles using freedom of speech, religion, or the press to kill our occupying oppressors.

After our freedom was won, an armed civilian population was always intended by our Founding Fathers to keep our own government in check. In turn, our free Republic has supported and defended Democracy in all corners of the world. There is no other Superpower to pick up that role should we turn our collective back on freedom and become the socialist nation that our leftist friends desire, which would be easier to implement after any national disarmament of citizens.

Not so coincidentally, the largest mass killers in history are socialist or communist nations (Nazi Germany, China, Soviet Union, Cambodia, North Korea, etc.,).

This fact is always overlooked (or ignored) by liberals who think the greatest threat is guns in the hands of civilians.

No gun control proponent ever calls for disarming of nations. For some reason, the liberal discussion is always about restricting civilian firearm ownership. That should be telling. It shows that they aren’t truly worried about “just doing something” to save lives. Their words and actions indicate that they really just want to remove an obstacle to shifting power from we, the people, to the government.

People kill people using guns. People also kill people with other tools or their bare hands. Killing will continue even when all the guns are taken away.

Free societies with firearms may have instances of mass shootings, however nations with unarmed civilians will be subject to genocides.

Leftists support the gamble of an unchecked government.

American patriots choose the dangerous freedom instead.

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