Churches Are Facing Attacks and Firearms Can Offer Security

Newsmax Article– Sep 27, 2017

With all the drama surrounding NFL player protests and President Trump’s statement on it, a very important Second Amendment-related event occurred. It would do us all well to look at it and ask some questions.

On Sunday, a Sudanese immigrant who arrived in the U.S. in 1996 allegedly opened fire on churchgoers at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Tennessee. One woman was reportedly killed and seven people were wounded. While he was allegedly shooting the unprotected worshippers, Emanuel Kidega Samson was confronted by an unarmed usher and accidentally shot himself during the struggle. That usher, Robert Caleb Engle, who was also reportedly wounded during the scuffle, then went to his car to retrieve his own firearm. He then returned and stood guard over the wounded Samson until the police arrived.

Mr. Engle is being hailed as a hero because of his actions. I agree that he acted bravely and I would love to shake his hand. However, my question is this: “Why did he have to leave and go get his weapon?” Had he been armed at the start of the incident, he may have prevented some of the injuries to others. I am not blaming him at all. I am merely asking us as a society to reevaluate “gun free zones.” Only the law-abiding will honor the legal aspects of the supposed safe areas where everyone is theoretically disarmed. However, by the very definition of the word, “criminals” do not follow the law.

We live in a time of increased attacks on Christians, both verbal and physical. Although many do not like to discuss the other religions and their motives, you must admit that there does exist a group of radical Islamic believers who feel that the Koran instructs them to kill nonbelievers. Considering there are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, any fraction, no matter how small, would still represent a major tangible threat to non-Muslims.

Less than one month ago, Cardinal Blase Cupich of the archdiocese of Chicago, banned all guns from all parishes, schools, and facilities. In a city overrun with gang shootings and homicides, the Catholic leadership has just ensured that the followers in attendance are totally disarmed and defenseless. Cardinal Cupich must believe that righteous indignation of firearms will somehow keep the evildoers away. Maybe instead of prayers and confession, the church should place a “No Devils Allowed” sign on the doors also? It would be just as effective as a “No Guns Allowed” sign would be at stopping mass murderers and terrorists intent on maximum casualty events. There are state and federal laws against homicide, yet there are still 11,000 committed every year. His Eminence should know that evil in a man’s heart will not be stopped by a piece of paper posted on your door.

With the increasing number of threats and the rise in the cost of paying for security, would it not be in a congregation’s best interests to allow its licensed and trained members to arm themselves? Those who do carry firearms legally primarily do so to defend themselves, their loved ones, and those in their community.

I urge church members, elders, and clergy to open your eyes to the threats. Your flock is in danger. Don’t remove their ability to defend themselves and others. Many of your members are veterans and licensed to carry. Others have had in-depth civilian firearm training. The only ones who will follow a full ban on firearms are the only ones capable of protecting your church from an armed malevolent attack. Police will only be able to get there in time to fill out the reports and draw the chalk outlines.

Even though the wolf can come wearing a sheep’s clothing, how big will his eyes get when he sees the sheep have the ability to fight back?

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