Local Shooting Demonstrates Need for Defensive Gun Carry

Newsmax Article– Sep 14, 2017

On September 7, Gerard Grandzol was shot in front of his two-year-old daughter in Philadelphia. He was shot by one of two males who were allegedly robbing him as he exited his vehicle in front of his home. The police reportedly believe that they may have wanted his car also but that he refused to give him the keys being that his daughter was still inside. It was another vicious inner-city crime by lowlife thugs who have no respect for anything.

Why am I writing about an event that happened over a week ago? What’s the big deal about another person killed in a major city? It’s quite a common occurrence anymore where the population has been disarmed or discouraged from carrying a concealed weapon by government, leftist ideals or just by plain ignorance of firearms. I’m writing this article to tell my friends and family to get over their fear of firearms and to start carrying, if not for themselves then for their families.

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, joined the U.S. Army for eight years and then settled in Florida, not wanting to go back to my hometown. I currently reside in Tennessee.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love Philadelphia. I root for all the sports teams from the City of Brotherly Love and make annual visits to see family, and of course, get my fill of cheesesteaks! I would just never live there again.

When I do travel there, I am always caring my concealed weapon. Some of my family members know this, some do not. Upon finding out that I am carrying a loaded firearm, the top question that I am asked is “what are you afraid of?”

Being afraid of someone is not why I carry. I carry because I love my family. I do not want any harm to come to them, nor do I want to envision them emotionally suffering from the loss of their father/husband. My Dad taught me respect and responsibility. I honor him by accepting and practicing those qualities.

What brought my attention to the horrible story of Mr. Grandzol was a Facebook post. I read comments of anger and sympathy. Some expressed a lack of understanding of how someone could commit such a heinous crime. There is one word to let them know why: EVIL.

Evil is not just a religious creation. Evil represents those who have no guilt or respect. These thugs that allegedly committed this crime only cared about the dollars in Gerard’s wallet and the value of his car. There was no concern about the value of Gerard’s life or potentially his daughter’s life.

To all, especially to those who live in major cities, and to my family and friends in Philadelphia, I have a simple request. If you love your family and do not want to see them physically hurt or emotionally suffering from your loss, get a gun. Here is the process that you need to follow:

  1. Research your state and city firearm laws.
  2. Research what type of firearm would be best for you.
  3. Learn gun safety.
  4. Get a firearm.
  5. Take training classes.
  6. Get your concealed carry permit.
  7. Continue to train and practice.
  8. Carry everywhere you legally can.

If you accept the responsibility of being a parent or just want to be a responsible American, heed my words. The bad guys are already armed. They don’t care about our laws. When you hear about the 11,000 firearm homicides every year, rest assured it’s not the responsible gun owners who are doing the killing. It’s not NRA members, it’s the gangs, thugs, and criminals.

Take the steps above. Ask questions of me or other gun owners. We are always happy to help.

Remember, #YourLifeMatters, to you or to someone else. Do what you can to get home safe.

No one expects a fire in their house, but most of us have fire extinguishers just in case. Carry a firearm based on the same reasoning.

You may think that what happened to Gerard Grandzol may never happen to you, but I bet he probably thought the same.

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