True Privilege Exposed

A Exclusive Article

by John Cylc


Defined as a “right or immunity granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage or favor”, The word has in recent years taken on an extremely negative connotation in our society. 

Privilege exists in many places today. One of the most well-known is “attorney-client privilege”, which allows candid discussion between the two parties, while preventing any forced disclosure or testimony of what was said. 

Members of many groups have privileges available to them merely because of status, gender, race, religion or marital status, but the left has decided to focus its animosity and outrage on an assumed privilege of being white, heterosexual men.

Without realizing it, many Americans see actual privilege being thrown around and ignored because of who it favors. Not many are willing to speak up about it though. Political correctness helps hide the hypocrisy.

I will start with the some of the privilege received by females. My primary example is abortion. 

A woman, depending on what state she is in, can choose to go a Planned Parenthood clinic or other abortion provider to end the life of the baby inside of her. However, while driving there, if she is killed by someone, and the baby dies too, the offender can be charged with a double homicide. So, taking the life of their own unborn baby is a privilege (albeit an evil one) of women.

Also, if a pregnant woman decides to have an abortion, and the father of the baby doesn’t want that baby to be killed, choosing the responsibility of raising the baby himself, she has the ultimate power to terminate that life anyway. Conversely, if she chooses to keep the baby, even though the father may not want anything to do with it, he can still be ordered by the court to pay child support for 18 years. Total female privilege.

Now on to the privilege of being an African-American.

The most obvious is the use of the “N-word”. Black men and women can throw that term around like it’s a pronoun, but if a person with any other skin color uses it, it’s a major incident. Since when did races gain ownership of words, especially derogatory ones? 

Also, where else besides the rap and hip/hop music industries can a man call a woman a “ho” or b*tch, and degrade them so freely and casually with such few repercussions?

Sadly, there is another black privilege that is all too commonly ignored. After any incident in which a white police officer or white civilian shoots a black man, even if justified, there are riots and calls of “no justice, no peace”. However, every weekend, black men shoot other black men in major cities all across the country. In 2016, there were 2,870 black homicides. 2,570 of these murders, all but 300, were committed by other blacks. These numbers do not even mention the thousands of shootings where the victim survived. Black men killing black men-an evil and rarely mentioned “privilege”.

There are also privileges that aren’t based on skin color or gender, but instead based on sexual orientation.

I have no problem with “alternative lifestyles” until they get literally paraded down the street. We have all seen news reports of “gay pride” parades. Usually accompanied by pics of 2 men holding hands or two women kissing. However, do a google search and the images are disgusting. There are men in the smallest of G-strings, walking other men down the street on leashes, sadomasochistic displays of freakish sex acts and unbridled hedonism being played out in our public parks and streets.

The irony is that usually the people participating or supporting this depravity are the same ones complaining that a nativity scene is offensive. Non-heterosexual privilege, allowing open corruptive acts in front of anyone who might just be walking down the street, including our children.

You need not be an American citizen or live here legally to receive your own “privilege”. 

Many illegal immigrants have tough situations in their homelands, but how does that give you a pass on disobeying federal laws? If I or any other American violated federal law, we would be arrested and yes, separated from our families. If I tried to enter Mexico or any Central American country illegally, I would be arrested and separated from my family, and put into a rotten jail cell for a long time I might add.

Amazingly, the craziest privilege afforded a non-citizen who entered this country illegally is “in state tuition” offered by some state colleges & universities. So, for example, if some foreign national sneaks across the border and applies to a Illinois State University, they would pay $12,353 to attend for a year. If I sent my son to the same school, I would have to pay $18,653 for the same year, because we are American citizens, but live in Tennessee. 

The last privilege that I will mention is the one of being famous and liberal. It is enjoyed by the media, Hollywood elites, and the leftist politicians that those two groups support and protect.

Liberals in the media and Hollywood hurl accusations at Trump, or any conservative/Republican, without any supporting facts, and get away with it. No one calls them out for their indecent/vile public comments, half-truths and outright lies. That is because the networks and cable channels are hosted by liberals and run by fellow leftists.

Samantha Bee viciously insulting Melania Trump.

Robert Deniro saying “F*** Trump” on a network TV national broadcast. Peter Fonda threatening Barron Trump. Keith Olbermann continuously uses the F word and Trump in the same sentence on Twitter.

In each of the above cases, no shows were cancelled, no movies pulled out of theaters and no real career damage. Olbermann even got rehired by the Disney-owned ESPN!

During the Obama administration, any conservative, or Democrat who didn’t toe the party line, that accused Obama of any misdoing was immediately attacked from the media and the Democratic politicians. It even happened when there was proof of wrongdoing! (Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS biased attacks on conservative organizations, etc.)

It seems like after Obama left office and Trump was sworn in, someone immediately threw a switch in the White House Press Room changing the settings from “adore and defend the President” to “hate and attack the President”. Almost every day, we see accusation after accusation hurled at President Trump, backed up only by conjecture. Less than 20 years ago, this would result in an anchor being forced to apologize or even removed, right Dan Rather? This is the new, unchecked privilege of being famous and liberal, especially in the media.

This world is full of actual privilege, some deserved, some earned and some that merely evolved out of political correctness. Those who enjoy these benefits don’t want anyone to realize that they do.

Their best distraction is to accuse the largest population of America of having a non-existent privilege. This creates the largest amount of opposition possible to that population. That is identity politics in a nutshell.

To maintain their base, the leftists have created this imagined privilege of “straight, white males”. 

I was born white. 

I was born male, although some pseudo-science activists would challenge that having a penis and no vagina does not conclusively prove that fact. 

I am still waiting for my privilege to be delivered. I’ll just continue working hard for my family to get by until then. 


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