2020 Election Logic

2020 Election Logic

A ThirteenFox.com Exclusive Article

By John Cylc


The 2020 election is almost here. In previous elections, the choice was merely one party’s candidate against that of the other. This election may seem complicated because of Covid-19, political battles and unrest in the streets, but it is a much simpler decision.

The major party candidates are, of course, President Donald J. Trump and Joe Biden. Trump was a businessman for his whole life and decided to give that up to run for President in 2016. Biden has been in politics his whole life and wants more time in office.

The choice is simple, really. You merely need to honestly vote for the ideals that you support. Put the mainstream media, talk show hosts and sports/pop culture figures out of your head. An easy reference is to just ask yourself the following questions with only a “yes” or “no”. The answer you know will tell you how you should vote.

Do you love America?

Do you think America was founded on solid ideals, including equality and freedom?

Does the country fighting a civil war to abolish slavery indicate that it is imperfect, but strives to live up to the ideals of the Republic, regardless of the cost?

Do you support most police who are law-abiding?

Do you think mayors and governors have an obligation to protect citizens and businesses?

Does the Second Amendment refer to an individual right? Do you have a right to defend yourself, your loved ones and your property?

Do you think accusing all white people of being racist is wrong?

Do you think the media is biased?

Does the government waste money with little oversight?

Are public schools and colleges nearly exclusively teaching liberal ideology?

Should Voter I.D. be used to ensure that only citizens vote, and fraud is eliminated?

Is it wrong to kill a baby after birth?

If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, you are a Trump supporter.

If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, you are a Trump supporter.  

You may not want to think that you are because the media despises him, but they don’t think like you do. They would answer “no” to almost every question above.

You owe it to yourself and your country to vote for your actual beliefs, NOT against who the talking heads say you should hate.

Voting any other way makes you a hypocrite.

Voting any other way makes you a tool of the people who hate America.

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