Fear of Violence Should NOT Diminish Rights

by John Cylc

June 23, 2022

The Supreme Court Has finally ruled that Americans have a Constitutional Right to carry a firearm outside of the home. The 6-3 ruling stems from a case in which New York residents sued the state because it was virtually impossible for the average citizen to get a carry permit. If the minority opinion had its way, citizens would be defenseless against criminals…and tyranny.

Leading the dissent, Justice Stephen Breyer wrote that it was often necessary for the court to consider gun violence in deciding Second Amendment issues. He referenced mass shootings in Uvalde, Orlando and other incidents around the country that have shocked us all. Breyer also said that mass shootings “are just one part of the problem,” stating potential road rage incidents also. Possible violence has always been a great excuse to restrict liberty because fear of violence can influence the masses.

Although the job of the Supreme Court is to determine the Constitutionality of laws, using supposition they could really shoot down any Constitutional right they wanted.

For example:

Freedom of speech could be rejected because a citizen saying any particular thing could cause someone else to become angry, possibly inciting a shooting, stabbing, or fighting incident.

Freedom of the press could be stopped because it could allow the spreading of outrageous lies, causing citizens to believe one political party over another. (This one is a bad example since this describes our country right now)

What good is freedom of assembly when mean people could perhaps get together just to commit violence?

Maybe we should allow unreasonable searches and seizures because people might have bad things in their homes?

Soldiers quartered in someone’s home could potentially stop a violent incident before it even starts.

These Rights mentioned above were set in in our founding documents to restrict the government, to ensure that we were free from oppression. This fact should make you understand that every tweak, infringement, or interpretation reduces your freedom, while giving the government more power over you. These actions fly directly in the face of why the United States exists.

When you start using excuses, even well-intentioned ones to remove citizens’ Rights, the path you are headed down always leads to one place-tyranny. It may not be tomorrow. It may not be next week. However, each excuse brings our country closer and closer to the opposite of what it was intended to be-FREE.

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