An American Thank You

by John Cylc

December 24, 2021

Many times in human history, we have needed a tragedy to help us recognize a need to change the status quo. For example, the Tea Act led to the Boston Tea Party and beginning of the Revolutionary War to free us from oppression. It seems that things have now come full circle in the United States.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the response from all levels of politician and bureaucrat have helped American citizens understand that the compact between us and the government (The US Constitution) is there to protect us in a literal sense, not a figurative one. Prior to this national crisis, many people had forgotten what those words meant. Now, many fellow citizens have finally realized that Bill of Rights was intended as a shield for the people. For this reminder, we have others to thank.

Thank you to our disarmed Australian friends who showed us that keeping our guns is not only about hunting, target shooting or even just protecting your family and neighbors from common criminals. Staying armed is about ensuring that your government understands that you are free citizens and NOT obedient subjects.

We do stand with you in spirit in your pushback against government overreach and outright tyranny, but an ocean between us prevents us from coming to your side.

Thank you to the “little tyrants” who run our cities and states. You helped push our neighbors who were on the fence about Second Amendment Right solidly into the “pro” column. Our newfound allies now understand that “big liberal” governments will not protect them against criminals. As a matter of fact, your push to “defund the police” has pushed them into gun stores to arm themselves and get trained.

Your blue state buddies have driven many of their residents and their tax dollars into our red state communities. Many of them were already conservative at heart and tolerated your behavior until Covid-19 lockdowns. Some of them are lifelong Democrat voters who have now opened their eyes. So long as they have recognized that their foolish voting created what drove them out, they (and their tax dollars) are more than welcome.

Thank you to the party of “Big Liberalism”. Your takeover of the Democrat party, and the current government, has opened they eyes of our many in our country that the Second Amendment really does keep us free from your attempts to be “Big Brother”. You have been continuously attacked and eroded our freedoms for decades. Many times, you merely water them down by creating Rights that do not exist. If it must be provided by someone else for you (healthcare, housing), it is not a Right. If it hurts or kills someone else, it is also not a right (abortion).

Our trust in government has never been lower. Your partnership with the media and Big Tech to suppress truth and promote falsehoods has shown us the efforts that will be taken to fool or coerce Americans into doing things that do not want.

Your lockdowns and mandates have exposed your tyrannical leanings.

Finally, the biggest thank you goes to our fellow citizens who are compliant and obedient to the commands of government at all levels. These people have always been against guns, and now want conservatives punished for not being the sheep that they themselves have become. You may recognize them as the ones driving around in cars by themselves with masks on, or calling angry rioters “peaceful protestors”, or worshipping Dr Fauci’s every word.

Thank you for exposing yourselves. We now realize that we cannot count on you as wanting to be free. You are the people who make us understand why only 3% of King George lll’s loyal subjects took up arms for independence. Too many like you were scared, or comfortable and complacent being told what to do. Being free is not for everyone.

For those of us who do want freedom, we have now opened our eyes to the fact that our biggest hurdle may not be our government, but instead our neighbors who continue to elect and support tyrants that remove responsibility and provide for them.

They are the new Tories. Their ignorance of the cost of subordination is what will cause the new Revolutionary War, in which we be victorious (God willing) restoring our freedom.

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