Modern Day Fairy Tales and the Sheep Who Believe Them

By John Cylc

June 11, 2021

-The Covid virus is not from China.

-The Covid virus is nothing to worry about.

-Covid is not human-to-human transmittable.

-The Covid virus came from a bat in a wet market.

-Covid was not created in a lab.

-Closing the borders to flights from China is racist, xenophobic and will not help prevent the spread of Covid.

-March-April 2020- “Masks do not work to prevent the spread of Covid.”

-April-May 2020-Masks are mandatory to prevent the spread of Covid.”

-Hydroxychloroquine will not help prevent Covid or lessen its symptoms.

-Hydroxychloroquine is hazardous to people. DO NOT TAKE IT!

-President Trump is reckless for recommending Hydroxychloroquine.

-Florida and Texas are endangering their citizens by opening too early.

-Governor Cuomo did not order nursing homes to accept Covid-positive patients.

President Trump used teargas to clear Lafayette Park merely for a photo opp.

-There is zero evidence of fraud in the 2020 election.

Although many of us knew already, information is coming out exposing that the above statements are all lies, exaggerations or non-facts that were pushed on the American people by the left, most loudly by the media.

These things all turned out to be false.

Where is the reckoning? Where are the retractions? Where are the apologies? Where is the self-reflection to determine why these things were all reported as fact?

The biggest question is:

“Why are Americans not starting to open their eyes to the agenda behind pushing all of these untrue statements”? The simple answer is that it is much easier to believe the lie that you want to believe, than to question the lie or your belief.

Rahm Emmanuel famously quoted a Democratic ideal during the 2008 financial crash, “Never let a crisis go to waste”. The current callous Democrat party elevated that principle to a whole new level during the Covid pandemic.

Recall that in 2019, President Trump had turned the economy around and it was on fire. Headed into the election year he looked unbeatable. Covid, while becoming a global threat, was identified, and used as a political hammer against him by his haters.

The Deep State (entrenched, left-leaning, government bureaucrats)




Social Media Sites.

Liberal governments around the world.




Republican rivals.

All these groups jumped on any and all stories that were negative towards President Trump, no matter how unbelievable or clearly politically motivated. The Covid breakout became a potential path to victory.

Social media giants shut down any post that contradicted the above lies, even if made by credible scientists or physicians. The brave souls who did use science and fact to point out the fallacies were discredited and attacked by pundits, and even worse, politically motivated peers. The oft-repeated phrase “follow the science” only applied if that science lined up with the anti-Trump agenda.

The biggest nail in the coffin of the 45th President’s re-election bid was the insistence that in-person voting was a threat to every voter and poll worker. Even though many businesses were deemed essential and merely using safety protocols to operate, the idea of unregulated, unverified, and unlimited mail-in ballots came to fruition. In many cases, the process went against the will of some governors and state legislatures.

When counting, there was no concern for validity or inspection for fraud.  Although President Trump was ahead towards the end of the evening, massive mail-in ballot dumps in the middle of the night, during a vote counting stoppage, gave the election to Democrat challenger Joe Biden.

As Republicans and conservatives, we like to think that our political platform is superior, due to logic, reason and caring. Many of the leaders on the right govern by what is best for their constituents and the country. The reason we are not a huge majority in government is because the left knows how to better portray themselves (marketing, with the help of the mainstream media) as smarter, more logical, and more caring. People again believe the lies, even though the liberal policies make things worse for the country, and the very people the Dems proclaim to represent.

Lies, contradicted by facts, proffered by ideologues, praised by zealots, perpetrated by activists, and blindly accepted by the uninformed, have become the “new truth”. It is 2021, but we truly are about to turn the calendar to “1984”.

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