“Hyper” Leftists

by John Cylc

May 5, 2021

The Democratic party is controlled by leftists. That statement should not come as a shock unless you have been in a coma or living in a cave for the last decade. Whereas it used to be liberals who merely attempted to steer the party of Clinton and Obama, the current administration has a physically weak, mentally frail and patriotically-bankrupt senior citizen who is fully directed by the most radical controllers of the left. This is no longer hidden. It is obvious unless you are a spoon-fed, lie-believing, democrat automaton. The question must now become “What is the intent?”

The answer, which might be difficult for many to swallow, is the destruction of America as we know it. I am not being dramatic. This is not hyperbole. America is a hindrance to global control. Not only do we promote democracy and freedom, but we also have the might to back up our beliefs and intentions. As much as you want to believe that our might comes from our military, it does not. Our power is economic.

Money enables us to field a powerful military. It provides the ability to research and develop cutting edge weapons, as well as modern technology and medical milestones. As long as we maintain our wealth, we will not only stay masters of our own future, but also a powerful influence on the whole world, either as a benevolent helper or vigilant protector.

The left has been quietly eroding our core beliefs and institutions for decades.

  • Education has become indoctrination with much leftist ideology.
  • Constitutionally protected freedoms are being eroded, ignored or considered “selfish”.
  • The military is being purged of those who are considered “patriots”, which is a term now portrayed by leftist propaganda as a code for some evil combination of “terrorist” and “white supremacist”.
  • Rioters are protected by politicians, while local small businesses are allowed to be burned and looted, their owners robbed and murdered.
  • Increasingly high numbers of black-on-black homicides are ignored, even as any police shooting of any black man, even justified, is portrayed as evidence of an epidemic of institutionalized police racism.
  • Elections are so rife for corruption that public faith in them is at an all time low. Passing of the current H.R. 1 bill would make them nearly devoid of fairness, and the resulting fraud would ensure continued one-party, Democrat rule.

These radical leftists are now emboldened enough to continue their agenda boldly, in plain view, knowing that they have succeeded in convincing a large swath of the American public to unwittingly support policies that hurt our country. Controlling both houses of Congress and the Oval Office makes now the time to push forward with their financial designs.

The proposal by the “Puppet-in-Chief” to initially spend $6,000,000,000,000.00 is just another small step towards bankrupting this country. Combine this with previous Covid stimulus packages as well as the ever-growing deficit, and the resulting inflation, while being downplayed by government talking heads, is being felt by the entire country. Additionally, due to government incentives to NOT work because of much more unemployment money, shortages of workers contribute to a lack of some commodities are making some goods almost unaffordable and services unavailable.

The result of the government borrowing and money printing increases to keep up with spending, devalues every dollar that you own. Many products are skyrocketing in price or being discretely reduced in size. That is inflation.

Continued devaluation of our money can result in hyperinflation. It will happen uncontrollably fast and can bring our country to its knees, destroying society as we know it while also weakening us to the point of vulnerability to our enemies. This will open the door to control, either by our government or another. Either way, freedom dies, because hungry and helpless people will gladly submit for food and care.

This may sound like an overly dramatic prediction, but just open your eyes to what is going on around you right now. The ball has already started downhill. The final stretch will be fast and unstoppable. We cannot let it get to that point.

The leftists must be stopped.

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