What Now, My Fellow Trumplicans?

by John Cylc

January 10, 2020

It has taken a couple days to shake off the defeated feeling that I have felt since January 6. Feeling bad for ourselves is not a luxury that those of us on the right can afford to do. We must be guided by the strength and principles of our Founding Fathers. They faced extremely dire situations but managed to stay strong, focused and united. We must do the same.

The Left is good. You must admit it. Gaining total control over the media has enabled them to get out their message, while now suppressing any opposing thoughts or ideas. Now, combined with the “big tech” suppression of conservative voices, the only viewpoint allowed for mass public consumption is whatever “spin” Democrats wish to push. For example, even though only a small group of people raided the Capitol Building in D.C. during the Freedom Rally, all Trump supporters have been lumped in with them and characterized as violent, merely for supporting the President. The benign speech of Tuesday the 6th by President Trump has been falsely characterized as instigating those riots. Many prominent Democrats have given very incendiary speeches during the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots and looting sprees, but they were never blamed for the actions of the rioters.

The pressure from the leftist media has been so intense that many Republicans who supported the President, or at least the rule of law, have now been intimidated into abandoning support of challenging the election results, even in the face of damning evidence. The distraction of the media circus caused by the feigned outrage over the DC riots has forced congress members into denying support of Trump and cowering to the left’s tactics. Only two senators challenged the election certification after about a dozen stated they would join Senators Cruz and Hawley.

Under the false premise of his promotion of violence, President Trump has been banned from Twitter. Other prominent conservatives have also been suspended from Dorsey’s platform, and Facebook, and Instagram. Many on the right are taking their voices to Parler, a social media platform with claimed true free expression. However, that app has now been removed from the Google Play store and Apple App Store. These acts of suppression are so overreaching that even the very liberal leaning ACLU has expressed concern.

I have personally lost over 12,000 followers on Twitter this week. I went from @46k to @34k. I am sure that some are those who have left the platform, but many lost followers are due to suspensions, bans or Twitter just playing their games with Trump supporters. For example, I have two back-up accounts. All three follow each other, yet periodically, I will have to re-follow one of them. Protection under Section 230 means the social media and big tech companies have no fear of lawsuits from the public for their actions. This has been referred to as “suppression of Free Speech by proxy”, since the government protects those who do the suppressing.

Even though I had 47k followers, my posts would receive a minimal number of retweets. Though I make multiple posts almost daily, many people would tell me that they had seen no activity from me for months. If you do not use social media much, this is what we call “throttling”. Twitter will not suspend or ban you, but they will instead reduce the amount of people who see your tweets.

It is frustrating, but I, like all my fellow conservatives, just need to pick each other up, dust ourselves off and re-focus our efforts.

WE must realize that WE are NOT alone. There are at least 75 million just like us. The American Revolution was only conducted by 3% of the population. WE are at least 20% strong.

WE are the descendants of our Founders.

WE are the backbone of America.

WE are the defenders of freedom.

Donald J. Trump was so dangerous that an election was rigged to remove him and stop his success.

He started this movement.

It is up to US to see it through to completion.

Nothing they do can stop us…unless WE allow it.

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