If I Were China…

by John Cylc

December 23, 2020

Seemingly unbeknownst to American media, perhaps by willful ignorance, China is the greatest current and future threat to the United States. Despite the obvious efforts from our Sino rival, this menacing fact is hidden from the citizenry merely by omission from the mainstream media. The threat is so glaringly obvious that once it is recognized, one must conclude a coordinated plan is in effect.

The Hundred Year Marathon”, written by Michael Pillsbury, describes the goal and secret plan by the Chinese government to supplant the United States as the lone superpower. Mr. Pillsbury details their methods and how they want to accomplish their goal by 2049, which is the centennial of their Communist Revolution. This book should be a mandatory read for all American congressmen, politicians and leaders.

The premise of the book reminds me of a famous but short work detailing a different threat to our country. In 1965, the late Paul Harvey shared a piece entitled “If I Were the Devil”, detailing how modern day America was decaying morally. The work was one of Mr. Harvey’s most popular, still spreading on social media.

I thought it would be an homage to both Mr. Harvey and Mr. Pillsbury to embrace the two referenced works and create this piece detailing how I perceive the Sino effort:

If I were China, my efforts would be focused on the major areas in which we would need to truly dominate before many eyes were opened to our strategy. These efforts would be focused:





Although separate, these four areas are closely interwoven, needing the other three to succeed. This is where we demonstrate “shi”, the alignment of our forces. The West does not understand “shi”, though some have tried to explain it. The deaf ear of arrogance benefits China.

First off, the military aspect would be our last priority, as the other three efforts will be the legs that support it. In fact, we must not attempt any overt military action against the U.S. until we have dominated them totally, especially financially.

This process began with the tearing down of their core values. This was the ongoing effort of our initial phase, the permeation of their educational system.  We selectively influenced key revolutionaries on campus, and in the faculties, of their university system. Initially, the counterculture movement seemed antithetical to our communist principles, but the fruit born of these seeds will feed the American population a steady diet of half-truths and lies into future generations.

These plants took decades to grow. What do we care? We have been here for millennia, and for eons to come if our plan succeeds. As our crop grew, our message started to spread naturally, without any effort from us. It is a self-perpetuating harvest.

The only way to convince a great number of Americans to accept our propaganda was to infiltrate and guide their own media. Some of these “reporters” were the harvest from which we planted initially. They attack and embarrass those who disagree or present evidence to the contrary. Eventually, even uninfluenced journalists joined in on the cacophony, just to stay popular or relevant.

These educational system contacts also enabled us, with little or no suspicion, to gain access to special research projects, where we continue to learn of new technologies, some of which are paid for by the U.S. military. “Cooperation” and “joint research” are the masks our people must wear.

We then focused on getting ingratiated into one of the two American political parties with hidden political contributions. Many “representatives” gladly use their position to line their own pockets and will violate their own election laws to get into office. We shall continue to use intermediaries and “private” organizations to make many small contributions to select promising candidates.

Getting caught in these “donations” was a small political embarrassment for both of us, but through trial and effort, we perfected disguising our monetary transactions. This matter will be downplayed by our media puppets, with little or no digging into the true source of the money.

Our other method is to use a candidate’s family to help gain ourselves an ally. Our planned manufacturing and business growth will enable many diverse “business dealings” with American political families. This provides opportunities to allow the Americans to use their finely-honed method of “plausible deniability”.

These lawmakers must never be pushed too hard initially. We merely make suggestions until they are decisively compromised. Fear of exposure makes them obedient. Surrounding many of these candidates with loyal members of our intelligence community has enabled us to not only steer them without their knowing, but also to monitor their communications. This provides us with much classified information.

Which party did we court? Who would possibly lend a sympathetic ear? Our communist system is most closely linked with the liberal side of American beliefs. It was much easier for us to sway them by using our proxies to promote quasi-socialist ideals. After all, gradual steps over time, from a Republic to a democracy, to democratic socialism, to socialism and, finally to communism, will be much easier for the American people to swallow than pushing one large pill of a Republic to One Party Communist Rule down their throats. It will be beneficial that they do not even understand what they are being fed. Our media partners help soften the transition with the following narratives:

-Capitalism will be “exposed” as unfair to those who do not have the motivation to take part in it.

-Freedom will be portrayed as dangerous, where one must provide for himself or starve.

-Free speech will be demonstrated as a tool of hatemongers.

-Religion will be mocked as fairy tales and a crutch of the weak.

-Even patriotism, the love of one’s country, will be condemned.

With their belief system being compromised, it allows their morals to fade away:

-Lust will help unfocus many from the strong bonds of marriage. Divorce will become commonplace. One-parent homes will fail to provide moral guidance to the children. Government school became the true parent, teaching the child to even depend on publicly funded meals.

-Sloth will help make the population dependent on government. This will hurt America financially, and help the idea of socialism grow. Waiting for the government check and benefits, which we help fund, has become a career for many.

-Greed, hatred and jealousy will assist our efforts by destroying the belief in “community”. Neighbor has stopped helping, and even stopped interacting, with neighbor. Frivolous lawsuits have helped supplant long-term work ethic for belief in a “big score”.

-Gluttony has made the population obese and unhealthy, especially combined with sloth. This has helped socialism grow with calls for free healthcare.

Presenting the whole idea of America as immoral was attained by exploiting their historical challenge of slavery. It can be demonstrated that the whole foundation is built upon the backs of negroes, even though the country fought a civil war that eliminated it, killing over 500,000 of their own.

As some loyal American citizens see through what we are attempting, they have cried out and united to stop it. There was an election, against our combined efforts, of an American Patriot into office as President. This delayed our efforts. However, this nationalistic President has helped focus the misguided media into attacking him and his American ideals. He has presented an obstacle to our plan but will only be in office for 8 years at most. Perhaps our unwitting accomplices in the media and opposition party have helped limit that to only 4 years.

We are close to dominating the world economically. We have previously presented ourselves as a country needing financial assistance and weighted trade deals. Ensuring our capitalist trading partners that their success is tied to ours, instead of the truthful other way around, has given us the unbalanced trade differential that will enable us to dominate their marketplaces with cheaply manufactured products. Their manufacturing plants bearing the weight of labor unions, were not able to match our margins. Many plants closed. Most of their orders come to us.

We must ensure our political allies tie themselves into a partnership with those remaining unions to constantly push for more concessions from the owners and management. Any attempt at pushback from the companies will be labeled as unfair. They will be unknowingly driving their jobs to our people, helping the trade imbalance exponentially grow.

Our country has been, and will continue to be, helped in this aspect by gaining more technology from ex-American engineers and businessmen. They will be all too eager to ingratiate themselves with us. Combined with the knowledge gained by our implanted students who work on high-tech and military projects for colleges and universities, we will catch and surpass our primary rival.

As America goes more into debt, it will be forced to borrow money from somewhere. We will, for the time being, continue to be their bank. We will present ourselves as their financial ally. The interest alone has helped us rapidly build our military forces, even using their own technologies!

Eventually we will be able to spread our influence the way the Americans do. China will get the recognition as the help that comes in after a major natural disaster. We will celebrate that we are the naval power responsible for keeping the seas open for trade. We will continue to present ourselves as growing our military as a tool of good. Our influence and reach will grow as America’s partners begin to instead look to us for financial and military assistance.

Only then will we initiate the final phase of our plan.

Only then will the full potential of “shi” be realized.

Only then will America, and the world, realize that China has gained its rightful place, above and in control, of all.

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