Revolution Should NOT Be a Dirty Word in Our Republic

by John Cylc

December 12, 2020

We have been insulted. We have been ignored. We have been mocked. We have been attacked. We have been cheated. We have been denied justice. We have been underestimated.

We are frustrated. We are sad. We are angry. We are strong. We are united. We are ready.

We know our President was spied on by our own government. We know our President was attacked by our media. We know our President was impeached based on the foreign lies spread by Hillary’s campaign for the same thing Hillary did to get those lies-collusion. We know our President was way ahead in key swing states until they stopped counting ballots simultaneously. We know our President was robbed of re-election. We know our President is fighting not just Democrats, but the establishment in D.C, as well as the foreign actors that are influencing both groups.

Our electoral system has been hijacked. Dead people are voting. Non-citizens are voting. Underage youth are voting. People are voting in multiple states. Ballots are always “found” after elections have ended, and they always favor Democrats. Hundreds of affidavits are signed regarding tampering, irregularities and outright fraud. Videos show poll watchers being restricted, rejected and removed. Votes counted in secret. Computerized ballot software is suspiciously miscounting ballots, weighted towards Democrats. Tens of thousands of ballots with no possible verification.

We watch the violence perpetrated by the left based on imagined sleights or exaggerated events. The intimidation that they offer has cowered everyone from doing anything to stop them. They assault and kill police. They loot. They indiscriminately attack. They burn whatever they want. They mob and kill anyone who tries to protect their property. The few arrested are released damn near immediately or the Democrats pay their bail.

We are told that is not what our side does though.

We see the “New Tyrants” who impose restrictions on our freedoms, shut down our businesses and only use police force on the law-abiding. We watch these “New Tories” of the media praise these actions, all while excusing the riots and violent protests mentioned previously. We see these same Democrat cities and states demand our money and resources to make up for their lack of emergency and financial planning.

We are told that mere discussion of secession or revolution is off the table.

Our Constitution is ignored and “interpreted” to allow violations of the clearly stated, fundamental, guaranteed rights within it.

We are being cornered while our country and freedom is attacked from both inside and outside of our borders.

Where is our “redress of grievances” when we are mocked, ignored and misrepresented just for pointing out the fraud and lies?

The media has betrayed us by not reporting the truth and reporting lies. The Department of Justice has failed us by having different tiers of justice, allowing the Democrat elites to skate on their blatant crimes (Right, Hillary?), and using the FBI to persecute any Trump ally with pre-dawn raids and manufactured perjury charges. The Supreme Court has failed us by the “living document” theory. Most of our elected Republican Representatives have failed us by not standing with our President. Never-Trumpers and establishment Republicans have betrayed us merely because it is President Trump who is fighting for us.

What did the Founders have in mind for when, as Benjamin Franklin warned against, we have been unable to keep our Republic?

When do we say “enough!”?

When do we honor our Founding Fathers by matching their planning, dedication and sacrifices?

Where is our boldness of action?

Where is our loyalty to our Republic?

What is the tipping point?  If we are not there yet, we cannot wait much longer, or we will have already lost it all.

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