“…divided we fall”

by Adam Nash

November 23, 2020

One of the things that made Julius Caesar such a great general was his ability to exploit pre-existing divisions within the countries he invaded. This made it much easier for the Roman Army to conquer foreign lands, as the tribes that occupied that land would be too busy feuding and fighting amongst themselves to be concerned about the invading enemy force. In the Gallic wars, this tactic was so successful that, by the time the Gauls finally set aside their differences and united under Vercingetorix, it was too late, and Gaul fell to Caesar.

Now let us fast forward to modern day USA. Americans, busy fighting amongst themselves, are failing to realize that society as they know it is at risk of being invaded. Yet this time, the threat is not a Roman army under Caesar, nor any other external power. The biggest threat to American values today is the Democratic Party, and in particular its ‘progressive’ wing. Don’t let the name fool you, ‘progressives’ don’t champion ideas that will help society progress. Instead, they propose a sinister cocktail of socialism, identity politics, race-based policies and government intervention. But why do so many people support them?

You would have to be delusional to deny that America today is a very divided country. The political left and the political right have become like warring tribes, between which any attempts at diplomacy are futile. To me, it is pretty clear that this division began in September 2016, when Hillary Clinton said that ‘you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables’. A horrifying statement, especially when you consider that it comes from someone whose party claims to stand up for the ‘little guy’. At least she apologized though, right? Well, not exactly. By only apologizing for saying ‘half’, Hillary Clinton put on full display her contempt towards a large proportion of the American electorate. True, presidential candidates have had gaffes before, such as Mitt Romneys ill-judged 47% comment, but never as spiteful as Clinton’s ‘basket of deplorables’. Conservatives were understandably outraged. After all, how could they be led by someone who so clearly hated them?

In the chaos that ensued, both the Republicans and the Democrats became increasingly polarized as the two parties tried to ‘out-insult’ each other. Democrats did so to appeal to young ‘woke’ voters, who were naturally drawn to fast-paced, ‘edgy’ politics. The Republicans, meanwhile, did so out of frustration over being called every ‘ism’ and ‘ist’ in the book by radical progressives. To some extent, the Democrats’ strategy worked. In 2018, a host of far-left progressives were elected to congress, with the likes of AOC, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib all winning seats in the House. However, the Democrats’ army of young progressives arrived too late to win them the 2016 election. You see, many of these people were supporters of Bernie Sanders, and they couldn’t bring themselves to vote for the Clinton/Kaine ticket, as they felt let down by the Democratic ‘establishment’. Yet, from Donald Trump’s victory in 2016, they allied with mainstream Democrats and made a chilling decision. From that point onwards, the party was no longer the liberal, center-left Democratic Party. They were the far-left anti-Trump party, whose sole ambition was to rid the nation of any and all forms of tradition, conservatism and freedom in favor of ‘wokeness’, socialism and government control.

However, the Democrats faced one big problem- there weren’t enough progressives in America to win them the 2020 election. Their solution to this problem was ingenious. Using Caesar-style tactics, they exploited weaknesses within American society and then conquered the minds of impressionable Americans. They used mainstream media outlets, such as ABC, CNN, and MSNBC, to manipulate the public into believing that the GOP was the party of racists, sexists, homophobes, and billionaires. Then, capitalizing on these beliefs, they acted like the Democrats were really the party of the ‘little guy’, not the elites and radicals all freethinkers know them to be. When the George Floyd protests and riots began, the Democrats and their henchmen were quick to excuse and even justify the violence, while using their influence over the media to ensure that Republican efforts at police reform from politicians such as Rand Paul and even the President himself went unreported by mainstream outlets. They also made sure to shed crocodile tears every time someone lost their life at the hands of a police officer, ignoring whether the death was justified or not. After all, facts do not matter in a ‘woke’ world, only feelings do.

Then, they convinced moderate Republicans that President Trump was merely a ‘populist’ who did not care about conservative values, stirring up tension within the GOP and even causing some high-ranking members to pledge allegiance to the Democrats. Finally, they doubled down on the ‘isms’ and the ‘ists’ they hurled at Republicans, desperately trying to dissuade minority voters from backing the president.

And, quintessentially, it worked. Through exploiting these tensions within American society, Democrats managed to make millions of people buy into their ‘orange man bad, senile man good’ ideology. Like a matador at a bull fight, the party drew Americans into their shiny cloak of ‘normality’ and ‘stability’, carefully concealing the socialist knife it so desired to drive through the heart of America.

While the electoral college votes are yet to be cast, all conservatives should be alarmed at the sheer number of people that voted blue in this election. Despite Republicans’ best efforts, too many moderates have fallen victim to the onslaught of leftist propaganda and lies about the president.

Like the Gauls, they were too busy fighting amongst themselves to see the left’s invasive, progressive ideology standing threateningly on the horizon. The question now is who shall play Vercingetorix? God willing, Americans unite to defend our Republic before it is too late.

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