Is Cowardice the New American Virtue?

Newsmax article June 4, 2020

Cowards did not build this nation.

Men of an untamed land with no standing army and an unorganized population stood up to the most disciplined and powerful military in the world and said, “Enough!”

Courage and compassion built America.

Those same ideals must continue to guide and defend it.

Instead, cowards now redefine our Republic β€” at best, and destroy it β€” at worst.

The individual who kneeled on the neck of a handcuffed man for eight plus minutes and caused his death was a coward.

Those in positions of strength must be the most stringent in the use of their power.

Public trust is betrayed when they overstep.

Accordingly, those who abuse the power entrusted to them must also be more aggressively prosecuted. It’s the only way for the public to continue to accept their roles of authority.

When you harm or kill a defenseless individual, especially someone restrained, you are a coward.

Individuals and groups using the cover of peaceful protests to riot are cowards.

The rioters and looters who act under cover of mask and darkness are cowards.

The men in mobs who sucker punch and beat down people are cowards.

The crowds who ambush individuals and stomp on those already hurt or unconscious are cowards.

Killing or maiming random strangers, who are merely trying to defend themselves or their property, to protest a wrongful death, is insanely hypocritical.

These people had nothing to do with what happened.

As a matter of fact, if you do it just because they are not of your same skin color, then you are the very thing of which you are accusing others of being β€” racist.

When you do it in overwhelming numbers against a lone individual, you are a coward.

The city and state leaders, who only care about getting votes through any appeasement necessary are cowards.

So-called leaders allowing their citizens to be wantonly attacked and killed, their businesses looted and burned, are cowards.

Backing down from a tiny but aggressive percentage of your citizenry, just because your political leanings are aligned with theirs, is an absolute violation of your oath to defend both the U.S. and your state Constitution, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Make no mistake, there is no justification for you to allow the murder and assault of innocents. Those elected officials, to whom the public entrusted their safety and security, who violate said trust because of politics, are cowards.

Members of the media using their platforms to encourage and embolden the cowards in the streets, and the leaders enabling them, have made themselves cowards as well.

They try to justify the cowardice of attacking innocents and burning/looting stores.

They rationalize that city leaders and governors who allow this violence are merely helping “protesters” to vent.

Their coverage and insistence that using force to stop this is evil is somehow “tyrannical” have prolonged this crisis, enabling more people to get killed, hurt or lose their businesses.

They are cowards for not standing up for innocents, yielding instead to political correctness.

Cowards are emboldened by the fecklessness of inadequate leadership.

When leaders pull police back, rioters will advance.

Cowards fear strength. Cowards fear their actions being exposed. Cowards fear truth.

Once again, the strong of our country must accept the burden to protect America.

The courageous must stand up to the lawlessness, regardless of political fallout. The bold must assume the role of fixing the problems caused by those too weak and scared to act.

Those who exhibit these ideals will be identified by the relentless attacks from the cowards just described moments ago.

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