Rights Don’t Know Where They Came From

Newsmax Article– Jan 30, 2019

“Money doesn’t know where it came from.” That’s a quote from a 1992 Laurence Fishburne movie called “Deep Cover.” It rationalizes using any money, even “dirty money” for something beneficial. I reference this line to discuss our Constitutional Rights, which are safeguarded because of a few men from our history, many of whom are disliked and vilified today.

Our rights are listed in the U.S. Constitution, but they are also referenced in our Declaration of Independence. They are described as “unalienable,” which means they can never be separated from us. They are part of our very being.

The rights were not given to us by the Constitution. It merely identifies them.

The rights were not given to us by our government either. The Constitution actually protects these rights from that very institution, which is why they are sometimes coined as “negative liberties.” The government is told what rights it cannot violate.

Finally, as much as the left wants to criticize and smear our Founding Fathers, those “old, white slave owners” also did not grant those rights to us.

These rights are “endowed” by “our Creator.” There is no specific mention of God, or Buddha, or Mother Nature, or whatever else you might believe. The point being that those very rights are a part of us, as much a part as our skin, eyes, or heart.

These rights not only free us, without injuring or affecting others, neither do they financially cost anything to anyone else. The only cost was the blood of patriots — those who helped free us from a tyrannical rule, those who defended our country in the past and still today, and those who will defend our precious republic in the future.

Free speech may offend others, but it doesn’t hurt them physically.

Practicing your religion, so long as it doesn’t involve harming others (i.e. sacrifice, torture, abuse, etc.) is sacred.

Truthful and unbiased press is a vital part of our system of “checks and balances.”

The right to keep and bear arms provides us the opportunity to protect and defend our family, homes, and communities from both criminals and overzealous governments (foreign and domestic).

Our right to have our own private homes, without fear of illegal government use, search, or seizure affords us peace of mind.

You may not like some of our Constitutional rights.

You may not like the men who discussed and put these rights on paper.

However, because of the wisdom and guaranteed protection of the Constitution, you get to enjoy all of those rights.

Practice those rights. Celebrate those rights.

After all, “the rights don’t know where they came from.”

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