London Goes From Gun Control to Knife Control to Car Control

Newsmax Article, Aug 17, 2018

Only people can commit homicide. Guns do not. Knives do not. No inanimate objects are capable of murder. A living human being is the only thing on Earth that has the physical ability and mental capacity to murder another human.

That statement is inarguable. The facts are straightforward and crystal-clear. Of course, as my father-in-law once told me “Common sense is the least common thing today.”

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, stated recently that he wanted to ban cars from certain parts of London to protect people and buildings in the area. This statement came as a response to a terror attack in which a car ran over bicyclists and pedestrians near the Houses of Parliament in London.

This is the latest strategy from a liberal politician in a country where firearms are severely restricted. Handguns were banned in the UK in 1996 after the Dunblane school massacre in which 16 schoolchildren and one teacher were killed by a perpetrator with multiple handguns. That ban has not prevented firearm deaths. There were still 2,544 gun crimes in the United Kingdom from April 2016 to April 2017.

Khan’s call for “car control” comes just months after he announced a massive “knife control” campaign. He started that program in response to the fact that London’s homicide rate (31 by stabbings between Jan. 1 and April 9, 2018) surpassed that of New York City.

Apparently, Sadiq Khan cannot see the forest through the trees. In the world of liberals, when people kill with guns, you take away the gun. When that happens, people start to kill with knives, so you must remove the offending weapon again. Now, terrorists have started to kill people, in multiple events in the past two years, with cars. You know the direction the mayor wants to go with that.

If you have the slightest bit of common sense, you can see that the common denominator in the paragraph above is a simple two-word sentence. “People kill.”

Mayor Khan and other liberal politicians around the world must be made to realize one certain fact. Criminals do not follow the law. By definition, that’s what makes them criminals!

In every civilized nation around the world, homicide, by any means, is illegal. That has never stopped anyone from killing someone, nor will any ridiculous and ineffective ban on an inanimate object. Whether you believe in Neanderthals and evolution, or Cain and Abel and the Bible, man has been killing his fellow man since the beginning of time. The trend continues and will not stop as long as men have evil in their hearts. The tool may change, but our species does not.

Stone. Club. Spear. Arrow. Sword. Knife. Gun. Car.

Ban them all.

Man will adapt.

Your ban, however, may prevent those who actually follow laws from being able to defend themselves with the affected tool/weapon. You will have potentially enabled the murderer to perform his deed unchallenged.

Maybe we just need to ban bans?

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