Gun Owners First to Admit Some People Should Not Have Access

Newsmax Article– Apr 2, 2018

Basic readers were used to teach children in the early and mid-19th century.

Since anti-gun leftists use emotion and not logic, in an homage to the “Dick and Jane” books, here is the simplification of the argument against gun control:

See people murder people.

See people murder people with guns.

See people murder people without guns.

See how guns cannot murder without people.

Only people can murder people.

The problem is not firearms, nor any other inanimate object used for killing. Yes, guns are deadly. However, when also used inappropriately, so is a fully loaded tractor-trailer, fertilizer, or knives. Firearms are only a tool that the person chooses for his violent act. It is admittedly, by design, one of the most efficient. However, they are also the most efficient means of preventing such tragedies, sometimes just by their mere presence.

The standard argument is that guns are designed to kill people. That is incorrect. Guns are designed to launch projectiles at a high rate of speed. The user determines the purpose. Firearms can defend as well as attack. Before firearms, brute force reigned supreme. Large men or large groups could do whatever they wanted. There was no fear of the weak being able to stop them. Firearms levelled the playing field so that a smaller person could defend themselves and their families from a larger person or group that was intent on evil pursuits.

Denying that there are evil people who will use any object to cause maximum carnage is counterproductive. It oversimplifies the problem by merely blaming a piece of metal. History is riddled with psychotic or deranged persons who committed large numbers of homicides. Gun owners and NRA members will be the first to admit that there are some people who should not even own a BB gun!

Most of those same gun owners and NRA members will agree that background checks need to be thorough. However, we absolutely oppose tying a specific firearm to a specific person, which equates to a version of “backdoor gun registration.” We will not allow that to happen. The reason is because without registration, you cannot have confiscation, which is now a proudly proclaimed goal of the “Repeal the Second Amendment” crowd. Calls for “Australian style” gun control are tantamount to support for government confiscation.

Regarding the background check system failures, if you duplicate how most states approve concealed carry permits, it would be an ideal and acceptable way to strengthen background checks. Keep the current system but going forward have it so that if the applicant passes the thorough screening, for a nominal fee to cover cost, they can be given an “Approved Firearm Owner” ID and be entered into a database. It could be tied into the current NCIS system. Of course, mandate that all 50 states and the military comply and report necessary data.

On subsequent purchases, the buyer would walk into a store, the dealer will just check their card and match it up against the system. If everything is good, the prospective buyer can get his gun and walk out. As with current procedure, the local gun dealer would keep records for his location only, not to be shared with government employees or agencies unless compelled by a judge.

If the person should ever be convicted of a disqualifying crime, the authorities can just indicate it in the online file and take the offender’s ID card away.

Democrats need to admit what they really want and stop arguing by using vagaries and cloudy goals. Registration and confiscation would cause a great societal upheaval at best, and a civil war at worst. Until the left recognizes that it’s the person and not the weapon, the gun control debate will endlessly rage on.

With half the homes in the U.S. having firearms, accounting for 300 million plus firearms, if that inanimate object was the problem, our country would know it.

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