Texas Gun Owner Fends Off Looters During Hurricane Harvey

Newsmax Article– Aug 30, 2017

No one can predict natural emergencies with any timely accuracy. Of course, we can get some advanced warnings of catastrophic events. Predictions can be as far out as a week for hurricanes, or as little as moments for tornadoes. Sometimes we can find ourselves in dire straits with no warning whatsoever, or even with notice and no earthly way to change outcomes.

I recently watched a video documenting a resident of Houston defending a local food mart in his neighborhood from looters after Hurricane Harvey. He stood as the lone resistance to people taking what they want. The video is NSFW (not safe for work) but is definitely worth a view.

The gentleman identifies himself as John Dash, but I cannot locate him on the Facebook page he identified as his own. He claims to be former law enforcement. He holds a shotgun and patrols the parking lot of a food mart and convenience store. Multiple times during the video he runs off people who are looking to take what is not theirs.

Watching this man take responsibility for his neighborhood is a throwback to what the USA is supposed to be — people taking care of, and watching out for, their families, themselves and others in their neighborhood. It reminded many of us of the L.A. riots, when we saw Korean businessmen unite to protect each other and their businesses. In many instances, every day of every week, we see “good guys with guns” defending against home invaders, carjackers, robbers and just plain thugs. It is neither a falsehood nor an exaggeration to say that “a good guy with a gun” is the only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun.

Our country has turned into a majority of people who feel that they don’t need to depend on themselves in a time of crisis. Somehow, government as seen as the savior in every situation. However, no matter how big the government gets, it cannot be everywhere at once.

The situation in the aforementioned video perfectly describes one of the main reasons why the vast majority of gun owners keep weapons in their homes and on their person.

Contrary to the opinion of the media and anti-gun organizations, we do not keep our firearms to overthrow the government, go on shooting sprees, or form militias. We want to keep ourselves safe. We want to protect our families. We want to defend what we have worked hard for our whole lives. Firearms provide an additional resource to do all those things. “Being prepared” is not only for Boy Scouts.

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