Musician Jamey Johnson Sets Gun-Rights Example at House of Blues

Newsmax Article– July 25, 2017

When was the last time you made a sacrifice to show your support for something that you believe in?

On Sunday, July 23, country artist Jamey Johnson was scheduled for a concert at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach.

While fans were preparing to watch the show, the House of Blues put out a post on Facebook informing everyone that the show was canceled. In essence, the post referenced the security and safety of the guests. Refunds were issued the next day.

The crowd left disappointed. The exact reason was unknown.

Tony TC Coleman, a member of the band, responded later, also on Facebook, with an account of the details of why Jamey Johnson was unable to perform.

According to Coleman, as the band was leaving the bus for the stage, they had to go through a metal detector. The only ones on the buses were the band and crew and they all had laminated stage identification. Apparently Jamie Johnson was carrying a concealed weapon and refuse to disarm for the performance. That refusal prompted the House of Blues to cancel the event.

There are no details of what type of monetary hit Johnson would take, but he felt strongly enough about his Second Amendment rights to make a stand.

Apparently, the event management has not turned on the news in the past year to see the terrorist-caused tragedies around the world. Large crowds make opportune targets for Islamic radicals. Jamey Johnson refused to be a sheep for the slaughter.

As much as we like to criticize Hollywood and the entertainment industry, it’s refreshing to see a conservative Second Amendment supporter make a stand. Hopefully, this will serve as an example to others.

We should all be willing to forgo some pleasures to demonstrate our resolve. Don’t patronize businesses that post signs banning lawful gun owners from carrying in their establishment. If this means you must miss a favorite meal, if enough of us do it the company may get the hint. Write letters to these businesses. Make calls. Send emails.

Businesses and private facilities must be made to understand one important and often overlooked fact. Criminals do not care about the law. Criminals do not care about private property rights. When a sign is posted forbidding firearms, the only people who are affected are the ones who actually follow the law. You know, the ones who took the time to go through the bureaucratic process of fingerprinting and background checks solely for the state’s “okay” to exercise their Second Amendment protected right to keep and bear arms. The thug or terrorist who obtained the weapon illegally and is intent on robbery or murder does not care about the little sticker in the window.

Jamey Johnson sacrificed a payday to stand up for his beliefs. He just became a hero to the Second Amendment/pro-gun community.

Follow his example.

Be an example for others.

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