Acting Appropriately Is Key to Second Amendment Advocacy

Newsmax Article– May 17, 2017

One of my main criticisms of many in the gun rights community is that sometimes they act like anti-gunners. Name-calling. Mockery. Screaming. Unprofessionalism. Violence. These are the weapons of the left. Our main arsenal should only consist of the Constitution, the writings of the Founding Fathers, logic, reason, and respect.

Those who follow my page have seen me criticize inappropriate behavior and remove those using harsh profanities against others. I also get upset by irrational claims and outright lies that hurt the firearms community, but I always try to take a breath, collect my thoughts and reply respectfully with logic (The “Liberal Bane” Cocktail).

Believe it or not, merely acting in a calm professional manner will win more “undecideds” to our side than all the homicide statistics or constitutional arguments that you can quote.

Last week, the Second Amendment supporting community lost a huge advocate. Bob Owens, founder and editor of took his own life. Many of his friends, fans and followers were shocked to hear the news. It appears that some on the left celebrated the tragedy.

Jake Tapper of CNN, tweeted “For family and friends of @bob_owens — so sorry for your loss. Horrible news”. For an anchor at a liberal 24-hour news network, this was very professional and respectful. However, his simple thoughtful tweet drew the ire of some of his cohorts. Here are some of the mean-spirited tweets:

“Yes Jake, this is indeed a terrible loss.” (Followed by a link to a story where Ownes called Trayvon Martin a thug)

-@willmenaker (podcaster/blogger)

“You’re making a lot of fun new white supremacists friends Jake! Great place to plant your flag.”

-@jacobtierney79 (Writer and director)

When Mr. Tapper tried to stop the spiteful trend, it only got worse.

“Jake is crying because were being mean to his dead racist friend”

-@leyawn (Internet artist)

Mr. Tapper eventually relented the argument with “I didn’t know him. I’m just an adult.” Again, this didn’t stop the attacks, insults or mockery.

It seems Jake Tapper may have gotten a small realization of the attitude and hatred of those with his political leanings. Hopefully, he has the guts to stand up to it and possibly even decry it to try to make a change, but it’s doubtful that will ever happen.

I do not want to give any indication that I think conservatism has won a convert in Jake Tapper. I merely wanted to use an example of why we should be professional and respectful in our demeanor when discussing gun rights with others. Any behavior that is on par with the disrespectfulness mentioned above will surely drive away people who may be on the fence about Second Amendment rights.

Our arguments should not even be arguments. They should be discussions or informative facts. Don’t drive away potential converts or supporters by acting like a jerk. You will drive them straight into the arms of “Every Town for Gun Safety.”

The old saying goes that you can “catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” In your 2A advocacy, be sweet and smooth. Let the leftists be salty and bitter.

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