While Rebuilding, Dems Should Learn What Conservatives Actually Believe

Newsmax Article– Mar 8, 2017

Liberals have decided that their best way to win elections and gain support is to play “identity politics.” Basically, that means that they will tell everyone how they are a victim in some shape or form, and then tell them that only Democrats can save them.

The left obviously did not get the message with the election of Donald J. Trump that we have had about enough of this foolishness. The clear majority of conservatives, and all Americans, are not racists, bigots, homophobes or Islamophobes. We are merely trying to protect our families and our freedoms from the liberal assaults on what we hold dear.

The way to get elected into office is to present positive visions, plans and goals for the future of our country, not to just negatively attack your opponent and bash his/her supporters.

The left needs to understand who we are, and what drives us.

Here are some statements about conservatives that may surprise liberals who only get their information from CNN, MSNBC, HuffPo or other exposed Democratic media operatives:

– We believe that a beating heart is a sign of life. We believe that an unborn human that can feel physical pain and the emotional connection to its mother is not just a “lump of tissue.”

– We do not care with whom you have sex or whom you choose to live with, but we don’t want to surrender the sanctity of the term “marriage.”

– We do not care if you are Muslim, but if you are in this country you must acknowledge and follow our laws that are based on the Constitution.

– We do not care if you want to protest, but when you riot, vandalize and attack people, we expect law enforcement to act decisively against you.

– We do not care about the color of your skin, and any disagreement we may have should not automatically qualify as racism.

– We support legal immigration, and oppose anyone who thinks they deserve to be here in violation of our sovereign laws. We feel that getting into this country is not a right, but a privilege, not for all but for those who go through the process.

– We support law enforcement and our military, but if either violates their oath, we support their immediate dismissal and imprisonment if found guilty.

– We believe that men and women are different, each in our own unique way, and should be treated differently. Most conservative men will hold the door for a woman, pay for the first date or other such traditions. It is not because we think women are lesser, it’s because our fathers taught us courtesy and respect of women. Most conservative men will also freely admit that our wives are in charge — we just won’t admit it to our friends.

We believe that our elections are so important and sacred, that we must root out and rid ourselves of any voting fraud. With so many people experiencing identity theft and stolen Social Security numbers due to massive illegal immigration, it is not much of a leap to think that non-Americans are casting ballots using fake documentation.

Lastly, we love our families and will do anything to defend and protect them. That is why we value the Second Amendment so highly. Being armed ensures Americans that we can defend ourselves from simple thugs to overreaching tyrants to foreign invaders. We feel that is our obligation.

It seems as if liberals only care to ruin tradition and then cast blame and aspersions on those who try to protect our core American values.

This country was built by families. The future of this country is also family. If Democrats fail to recognize that, they will continue to lose political seats. (And that’s okay with us conservatives).

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