Gun Owners Represent Entire Second Amendment Community

Newsmax Article Feb 14, 2017

As much as we may not like it, being politically right-leaning is much more responsibility than being a leftist. While we maintain our core values and act both respectably and respectfully, our political opponents carry on basically any way they would like. They march damn near naked in gay rights rallies throughout the country, they loot and burn cities during Black Lives Matter protests and they dress as giant vaginas in our nation’s capital. They revel in uninhibited behavior.

Being a Second Amendment advocate which primarily aligns with a conservative point of view, our actions are held to a higher standard, by ourselves, our political allies, and especially the media. As a community, our movement must continue to police itself and speak bluntly about behavior to those with similar beliefs.

On February 11, in Coconut Creek, Florida, a man in a donut shop who was carrying a concealed weapon, had his gun hit the floor and accidentally fire. It struck a 55-year-old woman who was then taken to a hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening wounds. The concealed carrier fled the scene, but then turned himself in to police later that day.

Obviously, this is an incident that the anti-gun community will hold up every time we argue for more gun rights. I don’t know if this was from carelessness, bad training or bad equipment, but things like this need to be prevented.

Addressing this incident, the first thing I will say is that anyone who carries a gun concealed should be trained on how to properly use it and carry it. You should know the weapon’s capabilities. Most modern-day striker fired weapons, such as Glock, have internal safeties that prevented from firing without the trigger being pulled. Of course, there are many handguns that have external safeties as well. Your gun should be functional, in good repair and well-maintained.

Regarding the gun falling out, I wonder what kind of holster he was using, if any. We all see those cool 1980s undercover cop shows where the good guy just tucks the gun in his pants. I hope and pray that no one reading this ever does this, or allows anyone else they know to do it. A good holster will securely hold the weapon to the body of the person carrying it, and just as important, will cover the entire trigger and trigger guard. We have seen many instances of objects getting caught inside the trigger guard while someone is reupholstering their weapon. This causes the trigger to be pulled and the weapon to fire. A good holster should be sturdy, not damaged in anyway and, most importantly, retain the weapon you are carrying, even in unsteady conditions.

Every time one of us leaves our houses carrying a loaded firearm, we represent the entire gun community. Any misdeed or accident will reflect on all of us. I strongly urge you to talk to fellow gun enthusiasts about how they carry. Don’t be afraid to tell someone that there is a flaw in their method. Use the Internet and help them research proper methods and equipment reviews. Seek the advice of experts to settle any disagreement about it.

Do not be timid in this endeavor. Your friend’s life, or someone else’s, could depend on it.

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