Why the Winners Keep On Losing….

By John Cylc

September 13, 2017

After the defeat of the British, did the young Republic of the United States of America yield to the will of King George?

When the Japanese surrendered in 1945, did the American troops disarm themselves at the request of the vanquished?

At the conclusion of the greatest Super Bowl comeback in history, did Roger Goodell award the Lombardi trophy to the defeated Atlanta Falcons?

Winners enjoy the spoils. Losers do not…except when the winners do not realize winnerslosersthey have won.

How does a political party win both houses of Congress and the presidency, and still allow their opposition to determine legislative agenda?

Since the 2008 election, Democrats have lost nine Senate seats, 62 house seats and 12 state governorships. The party of Obama and Hillary has been decimated, yet they continue to get victory after victory.

Part of their strategy is using the court system which has been clearly off course from the intent of the founding fathers. Originally, courts used the Constitution to determine the outcome of major cases. Now, however, it appears that twistedly interpreting the Constitution is the norm. The “living document” philosophy is perverting the founding fathers’ intent. Judges who are loyal to the Constitution, known as originalists, are now considered “extremists” or “right-wingers”. Liberals focus on winning court cases while conservatives continue to win elections. They attack our system and our beliefs from avenues that we could never dream up. From arguing to let men use women’s bathrooms to illegal citizens voting in our elections, their perversion of our laws and Constitution is sickening.


Somehow the left has placed supposed Constitutional terms in our lexicon that don’t even exist. The oft used term “separation of church and state” is found nowhere in the Constitution. It is however thrown about carelessly by the media. The First Amendment clearly states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. A recent case that stopped a high school football coach from saying a voluntary prayer after a game is clearly prohibiting the free exercise of religion. Somehow, liberalism has defeated the clarity of those words.

Even while inventing Constitutional terminology, their hypocrisy allows them to ignore and oppose the definitive and clearly-written words of the Second Amendment that state ”the right of the people” and ”shall not be infringed”. Leftists somehow invented a nonexistent phrase “right of the militia” to argue that the founding fathers were talking about only the military, or National Guard, having weapons. Apparently, English sentence structure and facts have no place in liberalism. In a document that declares the existence of individual rights, leftists have convinced many that the second listed amendment protects governmental rights.


The current political state that exists has many causes. One of the primary ones is the fact that we have allowed Democrats, and by default liberalism, to take over our educational system. You can trace the roots of this back to the 60s when the hippies and the counterculture movement ruled college campuses. It has not changed, and has in fact worsened since those liberal believers grew up and became teachers themselves. It is a vicious cycle where the indoctrinated are now indoctrinating our youth. The most recent couple of generations are victims of our parents’ lack of attention to what was happening in schools. They allowed God to be taken out and belief in the government to replace Him.

Another of the main causes of the current political imbalance is the symbiotic and incestuous relationship between most of the media and politicians. No matter how extreme or incredulously inapt, liberal/Democratic politicians and candidates are routinely backed by the three major networks and most of cable news stations. Conversely, no matter how rational or intelligent a conservative/Republican candidate or argument, those same voices will condemn or attack it. There are multiple examples of high ranking Democrats married to or involved with members of the press or news networks. During the 2016 presidential campaign, we learned that Hillary Clinton was being fed debate questions prior to the events.

The blatant bias of the media has had the effect of beating Republicans into the role of obedient appeasers. We no longer have Reagan-esque conservatives who stand on principle and our values. What we have been left with are RINOs (Republican in Name Only) who base their decisions and actions on trying to get the approval of the very same media people who will trounce them at the next given opportunity. Many Republicans are the bruised and beaten spouses who continue to defend and return home to their abusers. It is a Stockholm Syndrome of politics that is ceding the future of our government to a minority of citizens who disregard our principles and our laws.

This minority is the Democratic Party which has turned into a group of single item voters: 

-The majority are pro-abortion advocates who tell us a beating heart is not a sign of life while touting 87 different human genders. Apparently, science is only applicable when it supports their cause, yet they call Christians “flat-earthers”.

– Another group that I am familiar with, because of my upbringing, is the union faction. Even pro-life supporters will vote Democratic because of the history between the two groups. They neglect (or refuse to) see that the “open borders” philosophy supported by liberalism is helping to take Americans jobs and lower American wages.

-African-Americans are still voting Democrat somewhere in the 85+ percentage rate. This is after almost all urban centers have been controlled by the Democratic Party for over 40 years, yet are still rundown neighborhoods, full of violence, drugs and poverty. They voted for the same party for almost half a century and have nothing to show for it except still blaming Republicans.

We are almost at a tipping point in our country’s history. The majority is being controlled by the minority and the divisiveness is worse than ever. Violence is being perpetrated by leftists, while the other side is being blamed for it. 

The current situation has been caused by bad leadership on both sides. However, we now have a fighting chance. There is a real leader in the White House, but he is being attacked from all sides including his own. The only true support he has is “We the People”. Will that be enough to help force the Republican House and Senate to pass his agenda? If this is truly a representative government, should they not be representing US by moving forward on what WE want?

A new group of conservative leaders is needed. We must stop electing Republicans based on name recognition. We must stop listening to what they are promising and start looking at their record.

If this Republic fails, it will be a dark time for the rest of the world. The globalists hate what we stand for and wish for nothing more than for Americanism, and America, to disappear into history. We must do all we can to stop that from happening. Donald Trump is trying to lead the way. 

Are your representatives getting in his way?