What in the world are we teaching our children?

A ThirteenFox.com Exclusive Article

by John Cylc


During teen years, peer pressure and mean kids make life tough and confusing. Do we, as a society, need to make it even more challenging? There was an incident in North Pole, AK that is a perfect example of how we may be doing just that. 

According to reports, sometime prior to April 4th, a girl student who is “transitioning” her gender from female to male, used the boys’ room and posted a selfie on social media to mark the occasion. 

Upset over this, some male students decided to organize a protest and “identify” themselves as female so that they could use the girls’ room and respond with their own postings of a selfie.

The females who were in the bathroom at the time felt threatened, and one of them kneed one of the boys in the groin. The result of this action was that the group of boys turned around and left.

Since then, the girl who defended herself upon feeling threatened has been expelled. The boys have also received undisclosed discipline but remain as students.

There are quite a few things wrong with this whole situation.

#1-The boys should not be made to share their bathroom with a female, regardless of whatever confusion she may be experiencing. 

Perhaps a third bathroom needs to be added to accommodate those who reject their natural biology? Also, taking that initial selfie and sharing on social media may be helping to expose either a loud cry for help that she is needing, or proof that this is merely to gain attention. Either way, counselors should help the female involved.

#2-The boys felt their need to protest an injustice and, although misguided in their solution, should not be punished.

They should be guided as to how to create a more appropriate response and praised in their eagerness to act, speaking up against a perceived wrong.

#3-The female who felt threatened and kneed a boy in the groin should ABSOLUTELY not be expelled! 

She was in a place where females should feel safe, but upon experiencing a potential threat to her safety, she reacted, protecting herself and any other female who may have been present. In this age of promoting and celebrating Women’s Rights and the #MeToo movement, this brave girl should be held up as an example to other girls. We should all want our daughters and sons to stand up or fight back against any threat.

Recalling high school 30 years ago, I remember how hard it was transitioning (mentally and physically) from a boy to a man in front of a large population of fellow students, some of which were friends, and some who may not have liked me. I couldn’t imagine growing up in a time where “gender-deniers” celebrate a supposed 58 gender options, especially as a boy in the current pop-culture society that lashes out against masculinity.

A teen’s educational and social paths are both challenging. We shouldn’t be making it tougher by conducting social experimentation in the schools.

Let actual biological science and accepted societal norms guide them:

-Stand up for yourself. Protest perceived injustices. 

-Defend yourself and others if threatened or attacked. If absolutely necessary, use physical violence to do so.

-Boys have a penis. 

-Girls have a vagina.

– Use the appropriate bathroom for your physical actuality. If confused, seek necessary counseling while continuing to use the correct public facility.

School teachers and administrators should really get back to basics when it comes to their students, especially fundamental biology.