The Most Important Issue of Our Time

(and it’s being ignored!)

A Exclusive Article

by John Cylc

June 29, 2017

With no amount of exaggeration, there is a massive looming threat that could endanger our Constitutional Republic. This serious problem has been briefly and partly revealed, but it has not been fully exposed.

Initially addressed in a tweet by @POTUS on January 25th, he claimed that there were some 3 million illegal votes cast in the 2016 presidential election. Although I believe that there is some truth in this statement, I know it will take time to get to the factual numbers. 

An investigation headed by Mike Pence was initially announced, but it hasn’t been a focus of the administration. At the President’s behest, Jeff Sessions must focus the full investigative force of the Department of Justice to find and eliminate voter registration fraud, as well as to publicly prosecute any complicit politician or bureaucrat. 

As a United States citizen, our most sacred duty is to vote. Many in this country have become complacent in that civic role, which in itself is a national disgrace. A large portion of the rightful heirs to our electoral system are standing by while noncitizen and criminal voters help determine the course for our nation.

Our vote is our voice. Without either, we are not heard. For each fraudulent vote cast, one American citizen is silenced. In a country where “We the people” determine our country’s future, silencing one of us is an affront to all of us. 

Whether you’re the most dedicated, Reagan- loving, Rush Limbaugh-listening conservative, a free-spirited, weed smoking Bernie follower, or somewhere in between, you must put your partisan politics aside, ignore the media’s obfuscation, and focus on facts. 

After the 2016 presidential election was complete, we watched as Jill Stein wasted time and tax dollars on a recount only in states where Hillary Clinton lost. What she did not expect to reveal was something the Democratic Party did not want known. In a city where Hillary won 95% of the vote, 37% of the Detroit precincts counted more ballots than the number of actual voters registered in each of those respective precincts. 

President Obama declared on Jan 18th that voter fraud has been constantly disproved and is “fake news”. 

Three weeks later in Fort Worth, Texas, Mexican national Rosa Maria Ortega was sentenced to 8 years in prison for committing a crime that many in our state governments deny or refuse to even investigate. 

In another incident that suggests fraud, a man in California received 83 election ballots to his house a week before the Presidential election. They were all sent to his neighbor’s address, but listed 83 different names. The immediate response of the government officials was that it was a system error. 

Sometimes, multiple events can occur which may cause future unintended (or not) consequences to occur. 

In 1993, the National Voter Registration Act was passed. The law, signed by President Bill Clinton, required state governments to offer voter registration to anyone applying for or renewing a driver’s license, or signing up for public assistance. 

The good intentions for that law seem obvious. It happened at a time when voter turnout was seriously in decline. Politicians were looking for a way to get more people to the polls, which is a good thing. However, in the two decades that followed, something else happened that was probably never considered during the “Motor Voter” campaign. 

It all started that same year, 1993. Washington state passed a law to allow drivers licenses without showing proof of citizenship. They waved the Social Security number requirement in lieu of utility bills or tax identification numbers.

In 2003, New Mexico followed suit and in 2005 Utah did the same. Currently, there are 12 states which allow drivers licenses for people illegally in the United States. 

 Surely this can’t be a problem related to voting? Sadly, it is. 

 For instance, in California when a person signs up for a driver’s license, there is a question about being a US citizen. If the voter checks “YES” the voter registration will be processed automatically. If the voter checks “NO”, voter registration will not be processed. That seems simple, straightforward and legal. 

However, there is a huge issue as explained by assemblyman Tim Donnelly in his Breitbart article. If the citizenship question is not answered, the registration is processed and the driver is entered on the voter rolls as a default. 

Instead of protecting the citizenry and our rights, California has decided to err on the side of caution and allow noncitizens to be added to the voter rolls. The insanity of that statement is preposterous. I have filled out, as I’m sure you have also, multiple online registrations, applications or simple surveys where if a question is missed, the SUBMIT button is not even activated for that page. 

 Whether it is mere incompetence or willful lawbreaking, registration of noncitizens to vote is absolutely unacceptable.

Another consideration is the use of fake IDs. The current conservative estimate of illegal aliens in this country is between 12 to 14 million. I personally believe it is much higher than that. With systems in place such as E-Verify, undocumented aliens must use stolen Social Security numbers to get legal employment. Is it really such a stretch to believe that they would also use these numbers to attain a legal driver’s license? Obviously, using the previous example anyone attaining a driver’s license using a stolen Social Security number can easily check “YES” in the US citizenship box.

None of this really matters if the Supreme Court doesn’t see that requiring an ID to prove one’s identity to vote is not only legal, but advisable. 

The last thing that I will address is the length of time for early voting. I’m not sure how we got to where we are today, but if it takes someone a full month to find time to vote, then they are not that serious about it. 


Voting is meant to be done in one day, and part of that reasoning is to avoid fraud. Allowing an additional number of weeks will enable people to vote multiple times in multiple states. 

I do understand that there are instances of minimal free time to vote-single parenthood, multiple jobs, high level executives or mobility issues in which a person cannot go out and vote. Isn’t that the reason that we have absentee ballots? If those are good enough for the military, absentee ballots should be good enough for all citizens who cannot make it to their poll on election day.

 The solution to the ever-increasing voting fraud is simple, but may prove difficult to accomplish. However, to ensure the integrity of each election, it must be done. 

  1. Purge the voting rolls during a non-election-year. We must start from scratch to remove the deceased, the noncitizens and any illegal registrations. 
  2. Change all state DMV applications to require disclosure of citizenship status. 
  3. Establish a standard of voter identification that must be provided at no charge to anyone who cannot afford to pay for it. 
  4. Ensure that any non-citizen who is proven to have voted is barred from future citizenship
  5. Make voter fraud convictions have mandatory jail time and loss of future voting rights
  6. Limit the voting time frame to a consecutive two-day option.

Contrary to the voices of many celebrities, media-ites and uninformed politicians, we are not a democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic. That means we are a nation of laws. If our elected and appointed officials do not start following and enforcing the voter registration & voting laws, our country will not have its true voice heard.

We have fought wars to give others around the world the freedom and the right to determine the direction of their own country. 

The future of the United States should also ONLY be determined by its own citizens, only voting once each.

We know that the “discrepancies” just about always fall in favor of the Democrats. Why do you think that liberals so oppose building a wall, closing the border to illegals and instituting voter ID laws?

There should be no doubt that losing the 2016 Presidential election has motivated Democratic operatives to protect, continue and perfect more methods of ensuring illegitimate votes being cast their way. 


There is a movement called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC). It is an agreement between states to award all their respective electoral votes to the Presidential candidate that gets the highest popular vote total. So far 10 states and the District of Columbia have signed on. It’s an underhanded way to ensure that all of the illegitimate votes count towards getting their nominee in office, regardless of some states actually enforcing their own voter ID laws. Millions of illegal voters in urban areas controlled by Democrats will easily outweigh the honest voters throughout “flyover country”.

If conservatives ever want to win another election, they had better start focusing on stopping this corruption NOW.