The Eighth Deadly Sin

A Exclusive

By John Cylc

August 22, 2018








Is there one missing? Does this list need to be updated?

Perhaps an addition, overlooked previously before the modern political climate, should become the eighth deadly sin.

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Ideology. According to the Merriam-Webster English dictionary it is “a manner or the content of thinking characteristic of an individual, group, or culture.” Not all ideology is “deadly”, but one has changed its collective ideals over the past two decades to become a credible threat to Our Republic.

Leftism defines the political leanings that are closer to socialism or communism. It is unfair to say all liberals are leftists, because leftists have moved much further away from Democrat centrists. Many liberals are totally unaware of how politically different they are than leftists. Democrats would be smart to distance themselves and educate their own party on the differences. Dennis Prager wrote an article for The Daily Signal which sums it up nicely.

The ideology of leftism seems to have evolved exponentially in a short time, through the aggregate of hate, from political belief to irrational religion. It seems that many Democrats and their supporters are willing to sacrifice their reputations, careers and our country’s future to appease both the “God of the Left” and their fellow devotees.

Because of leftism, members of the media no longer pursue the truth to get to the root of a story. They now openly support Democratic agenda, politicians and candidates.

During the 8 years of President Obama in office, he could do no wrong in the eyes of the media who, at best, defended him and, at worst, idolized him through their reporting. Conversely, many of these same people give no credit to Donald Trump for actual definitive and quantifiable accomplishments, while questioning his every little gesture or tweet as “dangerous”, “irresponsible” or “treasonous”.

Take for example how both the current and previous President have dealt with Russia and Vladimir Putin, versus how the media portrayed them.

President Obama refused to send weaponry to Ukraine to help them defend themselves against Russia. He also canceled a missile defense system promised to Poland and the Czech Republic. He was caught on a hot mike relaying a message to Putin that he would “have more flexibility” after his re-election to work with him. Lastly, while knowing that Russia was attempting to influence our elections, Obama’s response was to merely tell Putin to “cut it out”.

Yet, for all that weakness and yielding to the Russia’s will, the media still blames President Trump for the election hacking and bashes him as being a tool of the Kremlin. They do this in spite of him placing the toughest sanctions ever on Russia, followed by even stronger and newer ones being added.

President Trump also reinstated the missile defense program to Poland and has stood against Russia and her ally, Syria, even allowing U.S. troops to engage Russian mercenaries in battle.

This leftist ideology of the media also drives them to ignore their own “Code of Ethics”, whose ideals are to “Seek Truth and Report It, Minimize Harm, Act Independently and Be Accountable and Transparent”. Even falling ratings are not deterring some of the networks from preaching in their Trump-hating pulpits.

This “devotion to all things left” also supersedes many businesses’ main goal- making money. Recent events have exposed conservative-hating businesses from smaller, privately-owned places such as the Red Hen in VA, to the publicly traded companies such as the “shadow-banning” Twitter and its rival, Facebook.

Although there is a continuous conservative backlash against the two social media giants, causing them to take enormous losses, the only changes seem to be their public relations campaigns to state that there is no bias.

If this ideology truly is a religion to these leftists, then the main sacrament of the leftist cult is hypocrisy. This occurs on a massive public scale daily, on social media, on campuses, in coffee houses and other leftist bastions all across America:

-Leftists applaud banning members of Trump cabinet and other conservatives from restaurants and businesses, while screaming their support for the gay couple who sued the bakery for not making them a cake.

-Leftists calling themselves “Antifa”, short for “ANTI-Fascism”, use masks, violence and other Brownshirt/fascist tactics to suppress opposing speech.

-Leftists accuse Christians of being “flat-Earthers” for believing in God while simultaneously proclaiming that, in the face of scientific, chromosomal evidence, that there are way more than 2 genders.

-Leftists protest their worry for illegal immigrant and US children, while marching for abortion rights and pouring $1.3 billion into Planned Parenthood annually. Apparently, merely having a heartbeat, emotions and feeling physical pain does not make a life worthy of their defense.

The fact of the matter is that leftist ideology may be a combination of all 7 deadly sins, much like white is the presence of all colors:

Lust. Leftism represents the freedom to choose your perversion with seemingly no restrictions.

Gluttony & Greed. Leftism wants more and more of your earnings through higher taxes and fees.

Sloth. Leftism wants the government to provide everything for you, no matter how little you do for yourself.

Wrath. Leftism uses violence and vicious verbal attacks to attempt to silence opponents or punish them for speaking out.

Envy. Leftism demonizes anyone who earns more than they deem appropriate (The 1%).

Pride. Leftism opposes all other ideologies, even if successful. Capitalism, which made the USA into the strongest and richest country the world has ever seen in only two centuries of existence, draws the left’s strongest revulsion.

Much like any cult or false religion, rescuing those spellbound with this deadly sin is not easy. It requires patience, knowledge and communication. Merely arguing with them will only drive them away further. Arm yourself with facts. Educate yourself about their beliefs. Stay calm and civil to keep communication open. Rarely will you “save” a leftist, but it’s always worth planting a knowledgeable seed in their head.

Our founding fathers knew that individual responsibility, good character and morality were required to keep our Republic functioning. Benjamin Franklin stated to the Continental Congress, “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”

Leftism seeks to remove any semblance of religion or even basic morality, from our country. The ideology actively attempts to silence opposing viewpoints. thereby removing more of our freedoms. It has corrupted our “free and fair” press. Sadly and appallingly, it openly supports socialism.

Leftist ideology is now in direct opposition of capitalism and freedom.

Is there any sin deadlier to Our Republic?