A ThirteenFox.com Exclusive Article

by John Cylc

February 9, 2018

I fear for Donald Trump’s life.

Let me be clear. I am not aware of any planned act of violence, nor am I threatening the president in any way.

I am merely looking at the current political climate and it makes me somewhat afraid for the man elected in November of 2016.

The violence demonstrated by the leftist ideologues (shooting GOP Senators practicing softball, Antifa, Black Lives Matter riots, etc.) has pushed the political temperature level way up in this country. There is no reasoning or rationale with these people who want to hurt you and stifle your beliefs. It almost seems a natural course for one of these “crazies” to take a chance at hurting our 45th President.

Those people, however, are not the reason I am writing this opinion article. The Secret Service is well-trained in dealing with problemed individuals.

Obviously, any Islamic terrorists would put getting to the US President very high on their list, especially one who calls them out for who they really are and what they do. Of course, they should be a major concern for all Americans, but they are also not the reason that I am writing this article. Our intelligence agencies work extremely hard to stay abreast of plots and threats. 

My concern is that the largest threat to Pres. Trump is the people that Sean Hannity calls “the deep state”. For those not familiar with that term, it is used to describe career government officials and employees who think they know better how to run this country than the American people. 

The Deep State does not care about our Constitution, not their oaths to defend that same, sacred document. Their loyalty is to their ideology, which currently manifests itself as liberalism/leftism. They think that their misguided actions are for the betterment of this country, when in reality, they are undoing the things that makes this country so great- rule of law, liberty and the will of the people. 

You know who I am talking about, but you just may not have known the name for them. These are the people in government who hide behind bureaucracy, bloated government agencies and their regulations, and the anonymity of administrative buck-passing. The two most famous ones are Lois Lerner and John Koskinen. Sadly (and frighteningly), they are just the tip of the iceberg.

Previously, we know that they targeted Tea Party organizations, threatened and acted illegally against simple American ranchers & farmers (Bundy ranch is the most recognizable) and spied on journalists.

Now, we are finding out that the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, previously untouched by political influence, are rife with politically motivated individuals, at the upper echelons and mid-management level. This pervasive ideological rust has been corroding both agencies from within. 

The exposure of these individuals as mere political activists who happen to have badges and authority has rocked our country. The push-back from liberal politicians and the unapologetically-leftist mainstream media has taken an almost desperate tone. They fear that the system they have created to work in their favor, for over 2 decades now, is starting to unravel.

That is what worries me. An animal is never as dangerous as when it is cornered. 

John F Kennedy refused to back down from the military industrial complex and their partners in the Pentagon. On that sad day in November, he was taken out of the way of a full-scale war in Vietnam. I get that none of this has ever been proven, but this is one of the more accepted scenarios that is believed to be true.

Despite the constant attacks and accusations, Donald Trump has stood strong and stayed focused on his campaign promise to “Make America Great Again”. I am not sure that he knew it would be this difficult going in, but he has not backed down at all. Except for his Attorney General who recused himself from the “Russia Investigation” (which now involves situations that require him to deal with DOJ & FBI problems), the Trump team is going forward while fighting blindside attacks from their flanks, usually involving “anonymous sources” that later prove false. 

The Deep State is not going away easy, despite mounting evidence of their conspiracy to spy on political opponents and protect Hillary Clinton. 

Sometimes, dire situations produce drastic actions. That is where my worry lies. Desperate men, under threat of criminal exposure, will go to great lengths to protect themselves and their friends. (or cohorts, in this instance) The hatred that is shown in the texts of the FBI investigators is enlightening. These are people who cleared Hillary during her election run against the man the two agents hated so vociferously. They also helped investigate their despised target in the Russia probe. How many others like them are there? It seems like the highest levels of these agencies share that same sentiment towards our President.

I finish with a word of warning to these “deep state” cowards who work against our legally and Constitutionally elected leader:

We sent Donald J Trump to Washington to end this malfeasance that we watched for the past few years. Do not let your feelings convince you to do anything that might endanger our President. 

The people of the United States are “awake” to your efforts. We will not tolerate any attempt at a coup against our Commander-in-Chief. 

Stop your malicious and dishonest actions. 

Obey the law and let real justice play out, no matter where the chips fall (or WHO they fall on). 

Honor your oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America”.

Taking any other action, whether unethical, illegal or outright hostile would potentially result in a civil war and destroy this country.