Belief in the Unbelieveable

By John Cylc


The biggest difference between pro-gun and anti-gun supporters is the belief that new laws will reduce mass shootings and crime. Even though shooting someone, attempting to kill someone and homicide are all illegal, somehow many liberals and media think that writing additional laws will change criminals intent on violent crimes.

crime scene do not cross signage
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Do gun control advocates think that John, an angry white supremacist who wants to kill as many minorities as possible, will go home when he sees a no gun sign on the front door of a national retail store?

Are leftists truly expecting Jose, a Mexican national illegally in this country who wants to kill some spoiled white kids, will turn around when he finds out that the school grounds are a gun free zone?

Is it a liberal belief that Jerome, a black gang member in a major city who recently bought a stolen AR-15 with extra magazines from a local drug dealer, will turn the weapon in at a police station during a gun buyback when he finds out that it’s been banned?

Does Democrat ideology include the hope that Jin, an Asian drug dealer, will render his 30-round Uzi magazines unusable so that he can be in compliance with the state law limiting them to 10-round capacity?

Can anti-Second Amendment devotees expect Judy, a recently paroled felon looking to buy a stolen firearm from a street dealer, to not attempt the purchase because she couldn’t pass a background check?

Lastly, do liberals think that if they should ever manage to succeed in banning firearms in America, that citizens would line up and turn them in willingly?

Considering our history, beliefs and national penchant for freedom, the line would be a very short. Yes, some boot-lickers and faux patriots would be happy to appease the media, the leftist mobs, Hollywood stars and Big Brother. We bitter-clingers, Deplorables and Right wingers will not surrender the very item that gave us our freedoms from England initially.

Democrats and their supporters need to drop their irrational belief that criminals, intent on violent actions, will somehow respect and obey new laws that are redundant to those already on the books. It is an inarguable fact that only law-abiding citizens will abide by laws, whether they are new or old.

I am a firm believer that you should always follow our dreams. However, anti-gun advocates need to stop trying to live in a fantasy world.