A Threat to Our Republic

A ThirteenFox.com Exclusive Article

by John Cylc

June 15, 2017

On June 14, 2017, some people celebrated Flag Day.

Some people celebrated the 242nd birthday of the United States Army.

Some people celebrated the birthday of President Donald J Trump.

Some people celebrated the attempted assassination of multiple Republican legislators.

During a baseball practice for a congressional charity game in Alexandria Virginia, Representative Steve Scalise (R, Louisiana ) was shot by a self-proclaimed Bernie Sanders supporting, Trump-hating leftist. The individual had specifically asked a departing legislator whether the players on the field were the Republican or Democratic team. Less than five minutes later, he began his assault.

As with any major national event, pundits and newscasters began analyzing and dissecting what had happened. The “usual suspect” liberals immediately called for more gun control. On social media, there was an abundance of people who supported the shooter’s actions or felt he did not go far enough.

The bewilderment of the mainstream media as to the assailant’s motivation was almost incredulous. They couldn’t understand what would cause the leftist to commit such violence against political figures. These were the same people who in the previous month defended Kathy Griffin’s “political expression” of posing with a mock severed head of President Trump. In just the last week alone, they defended and raved about a “Shakespeare in the Park” production that depicted President Trump being assassinated at the end. Yet they were still unsure as to what would prompt violence.

In the past couple of decades, we have seen much violence from the left. It seems that in the last year, their true colors have really been starting to show. The primary color of their rainbow flags should be brown, as in “brownshirts”. As much as liberals and Democrats want to portray conservatives and Republicans as Nazis, it is they who are psychological projecting. “Projection” is a term to describe people denying their own beliefs and qualities, while projecting these attributes onto others.

In the 1920s, Adolf Hitler founded a group called the Sturmabeteilung (also known as “SA”). The translation is “assault division”. They were also known as “sturmtruppen“ (storm troopers) or “braunhemden” (brownshirts). This group was formed from street toughs and political agitators who had shown support to the newly formed Nazi movement. They marched in rallies and physically assaulted political opponents. They intimidated voters in both local and national elections. They also conducted street violence against Jews. Although in later years Hitler would execute dozens of their leaders, early on they helped build and propel the movement by silencing or removing those speaking out against Nazism.

Since the Primary Election season of late 2015, we have seen the same kind of violence and shouting from the left. Through the leaked emails of John Podesta and the Democratic National Committee, we have learned of associations with groups who were inciting violence at Trump rallies by planting themselves inside of these events. The proof also showed that many of these attendees have been paid by DNC allies who could be disavowed by the party.

We’ve watched as Republican legislators have been shouted down during town halls. The media has participated by trying to announce that this was a “tea party like” movement. We have since found out that many of the attendees had also been paid. To be there and cause trouble.

Conservative and Republican speakers have had their planned events canceled at colleges and universities across the country due to the threats of violence. University of California Berkeley illustrated the “brown shirt” mentality perfectly by stifling the conservative voice of Ann Coulter on their campus. The liberals and anarchists worked hand in hand to shut down her free speech.

Although the liberals and left have evolved from the “peace & love” movement of the 1960s, it has since transformed through hate to become the beginning of the rebirth of the Nazi party. They are not content to have political discourse if there is a chance that they will be proven wrong logically. They do not care for your reasons of opposition, they only care for you to be silenced. They do not want debate. They want obedience. There was no political movement more in line with that philosophy then Nazism or Communism. It should be no surprise that the most popular Democratic figure with the youth has been Bernie Sanders, a self-professed Socialist.

A standard argument from the left is that they are against violence because they are against guns. The truth is that they are not against violence. They are against resistance to their ideology, which is one of big government. An armed American populace is the only thing standing between our Republic and a Leftist Tyranny. The argument is disguised as gun control. It is only about control.

Most firearm homicides occur in inner cities that are Democratic strongholds and controlled by gangs.

Other than that urban gang violence, most of the major national shootings have been committed by Democrat voting leftists.

James Holmes in Aurora.

Nadal Hasan at Fort Hood.

Jared Loughner in Tucson.

Seung-Hui Cho at Virginia Tech.

Aaron Alexis at the Navy Yard in D.C.

The “brownshirts are not just street thugs anymore. They have injected themselves into our airwaves as “journalists”. They wear black robes and make rulings based on political beliefs, not law. They wear ID badges with 3-letter agencies and use their positions to attack political opponents. They wear lab coats and deny their own scientific principles to proclaim their political agenda

Our nation needs to open its eyes. Our freedoms are under attack.

The attackers are the ones who promote free speech, by blocking yours.

The attackers are those who denounce violence, with fists and riots.

The attacks are from those who want your guns, and will shoot you if you disagree.

The attacks also come from those who spout “Freedom of the Press”, while shirking the inherent responsibility of honest journalism.

The attacks come from those who are supposed to protect us from enemy agents, by collecting our data and spying on American citizens.

The attacks come from judicial members who are supposed to follow the Constitution, but find ways to go around it.

The “New Brownshirts” are refining and redefining their attacks.The end of our Republic is their prize, because it is preventing the institution of their ideology.