Government Answer to Burdensome Freedoms

A ThirteenFox.Com/SaTiRe Article

by John Cylc

December 16, 2020

The Covid police are once again on full alert. Obedience is needed. The idea to help make this compliance easier to mandate has just been identified.

Move on from just wearing a mask showing conformity. Move over vaccine passports. An old idea has been reborn with a modern twist! Leftist ideologues and their faithful, never-vigilant but always subordinate followers are now supporting recognizable clothing insignias mandated for all vaccinated citizens. These badges will be worn on shirt or jacket lapel over the left breast.

Vaguely similar to the “Star of David” patches forced on Jews in Nazi Germany, these identifiers will feature friendly, copyrighted, Disney-inspired characters for children under 14. For adults, there will be a cloth circle with a pinwheel like emblem in the middle. Theme options for the cloth will range from “Marvel”, “Friends” or even sports-related patches. Although the middle pattern does faintly resemble three 6’s in a pinwheel layout, designers want to assure the public that there is only a slight similarity to the fabled “Mark of the Beast”.

Declining public recognition, one designer stated, “The supposed ‘mark of the beast’, or 666, is a scary fairy tale from a fictional piece of writing. These Covid-vaccinated identifiers are round, optional, friendly, and really fun for the kids! Imagine how safe people will feel when they know everyone around them is similarly marked. Those who don’t receive the mark will merely be excluded from society. That’s all. That truly is freedom of choice.”

These markers will soon be required for all consumer transactions, such as grocery shopping, online purchasing or even just gassing up your car. They will be required for medical care or having a job. There is a push to require the badges just to travel anywhere. Eventually, once the vast majority is marked, the unvaccinated will be forbidden from leaving their house, for their own safety of course.

Plans are underway to protect your clothing from damage by simply implanting a microchip under your skin. Goodbye ruined shirts, hello ease of tracking loyal subjects! Upgrades to the initial implant include tying financial information and access to the chip. Leave your wallet and the burden of self-responsibility at home! Just go to a store, pick your government authorized item, get scanned for approval to purchase and “voila!”. No implant, no food. Sorry, vaccine rebels! None for you.

Supporters feel that opposition to the markers is way off base with rampant conspiracy theories. Most Americans agree with the idea that “if you want to do any of these soon-to-be-restricted things, just get the vaccine. It’s that easy.”

It’s not like you’re selling your soul…if there really was such a thing.